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Experience four decades of continuous gearbox innovations,

ZF Wind Power is a global supplier of high performance gearboxes with capacity ranging up to 9.5 MW, serving all key wind power segments. With more than 65,000 gearboxes shipped, ZF installed worldwide 120 GW.

Continuous research and smart digital applications make ZF a dependable service partner for all global wind projects. The company offers services that cover the complete product lifecycle, from development and consultancy to the aftermarket.  ZF has demonstrated commitment to a growing wind industry and is positioned as a key player to transform global energy system.

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  • (May 14, 2019)
    ZF Wind Power invites you to the welcome reception at their booth on Tuesday May 21, from 4pm to 6 pm.

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    • ZF’s innovation and pioneering projects over time, demonstrate leadership in wind gearbox solutions

    • Continuous research and smart applications of digital solutions make ZF a dependable service partner for all global wind projects

    • ZF’s experience and excellence have resulted in a powerful service partnership following joining forces with Vestas

    This year, at American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Wind Power, ZF Wind Power takes visitors on a trip through memory lane, filled with innovation milestones in wind gearboxes and service. They will experience four decades of continuous gearbox innovations, provided by a trusted partner with a global footprint and established high-end manufacturing capabilities. Starting in the second decade of this millennium, ZF Wind Power presents SHIFT, the most powerful gearbox platform, and ‘Service powered by Analytics’, the use of digital technology to increase output, availability and lifetime. Walking down the timeline, visitors will experience how the size of gearboxes have evolved during the years. The tour ends with the birth of the first gearbox for the wind industry in 1979, which will be available at the fair too.
    ZF Wind Power has demonstrated commitment to a growing wind industry and is positioned as a key player to transform global energy systems over the next decades to come.

    From the first gearbox ‘RNC21’ in 1979, to ‘SHIFT 6k’, a game-changer

    In 1979, ‘RNC21’ the first ZF-gearbox for the wind industry was born and shipped to Denmark.

    During the last 40 years, ZF Wind Power has proven to be a true innovator in the wind industry. In a constantly evolving world, energy demand is growing. Competitiveness of wind power depends on improvements of LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy), where both gearbox design improvements and lifecycle services play a major role. Thanks to 40 years of continuous research and development, ZF has created deep and rich technology solutions that have  now led to the world’s most compact and powerful design that significantly reduce LCoE: ‘SHIFT 6k’.

     ‘SHIFT 6k’ is the most powerful wind gearbox platform in terms of torque density (175 Nm/kg), powering a new generation of turbines from 4.5MW up to 7MW with rotor diameters of up to 180 meters.

    Smart application of digital technology drives efficiency

    Data analytics are key in ZF Wind Power’s vision to reduce OPEX (Operating Expenses), increase the output and availability, and extend wind turbine lifetime.

    The first data part in a stable foundation for optimized services, is data from the development and manufacturing of every single gearbox. This part is ZF Wind Power’s ‘Digital Birth Certificate’.

    The second part in the foundation is the performance data of gearboxes, which is called the Life Cycle Monitor.

    The combination of the Digital Birth Certificate and Life Cycle Monitor with ZF Wind Power’s gearbox expertise, about how things can go wrong and how to solve them, is used in Life Cycle Analytics. This provides lifetime predictions and alert-based recommendations supporting the decision-making for O&M (Operations and Maintenance) activities and the service execution thereof. This process is key to optimizing services and reducing LCoE.

    Wind turbine operators managing the O&M risks related to a drivetrain need certainty in availability when it comes to effective and efficient service solutions. They do not want to depend on market conditions for prices or availability of resources and spare parts to avoid wind turbine downtime.

    ZF Wind Power has created the ‘Spare Parts Optimization Service’ as a first step towards making sure that the right component is available at the right time and place. This service comes with O&M documentation available online. Customers receive the latest documentation, technical manuals, and a spare parts list for every gearbox.

    “This enables each field crew around the world to have access to the latest information. This way, repair activities, on site as well as in workshops, can be optimized, both in terms of cost and time.” says Antti Turunen, head of ZF Wind Power’s service organization. “As part of the service, customers get genuine gearbox spare parts at competitive prices, providing transparency in future repair costs, and at a pre-defined delivery time. Having the right parts available at the right time and place minimizes the turbine downtime and, consequently, lost production hours.”

    ZF Wind Power

    As a leading worldwide automotive supplier for Driveline and Chassis Technology ZF can look back at 100 years of experience in developing and building transmissions. With more than 120 GW of installed wind energy and 70 years of experience in the wind sector (along with the former Hansen and Bosch Rexroth activities) ZF Wind Power is a competent partner, supplying major manufacturers of gear-driven wind turbines with a gearbox output range up to 9.5 MW power capacity and serving all key wind power segments.

    ZF is determined to be the leading supplier in geared solutions for wind turbines and is committed to succeed in making wind power the most attractive energy source in the future.

    With state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and worldwide service locations, ZF Wind Power is dedicated to delivering advanced gearbox solutions and services on a global scale, meeting the individual needs of the global wind energy market. Headquartered in Belgium, the company has a global footprint with manufacturing and service presence in Europe, China, India and the US.

    ZF Friedrichshafen AG

    ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. In 2017, ZF achieved sales of €36.4 billion and as such, is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide. ZF enables vehicles to see, think and act. The company invests more than six percent of its sales in research and development annually – in particular for the development of efficient and electric drivelines and also in striving for a world without accidents. With its broad portfolio, ZF is advancing mobility and services for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology applications.

    For further press information and photos, please visit: www.zf.com


  • SHIFT towards the future
    SHIFT is ZF Wind Power's modular platform.
    While using standardized building blocks, the platform offers more flexibility in terms of gearbox development and next generation turbine concepts, consequently reducing customer's Levelized Cost of Energy....

  • SHIFT: flexibility, availability and performance at a lower cost

    In response to today’s wind market revolution, with efforts to reduce subsidy costs and spur efficient innovation into the future, ZF now offers a new range of wind gearboxes – based on a highly scalable platform, supporting the new turbine designs that will innovate our future energy supply in all markets.

    SHIFT, a modular gearbox platform offering high flexibility

    Traditionally, wind gearboxes are bespoke gearbox designs optimized for a specific turbine development. But rapidly changing markets do reduce turbine lifetime and lower volumes for unique developments. As wind turbine manufacturers search for high flexibility for their new generation turbines, SHIFT helps them to reduce the cost of wind energy and accelerates the shift towards the future.  SHIFT is ZF Wind Power‘s unique modular platform. While using standardized building blocks, the platform offers more flexibility in terms of gearbox development and next generation turbine concepts at a lower cost and consequently reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy.

    How does SHIFT reduce time-to-market and life cycle costs?

    The modular platform designs help turbine manufacturers reduce business uncertainties and life cycle costs by:

    • Allowing maximum use of the latest technological developments and optimized designs, processes and supply chain to scale power density up to 175Nm/kg, while reducing Cost of Energy.
    • Enabling platform upgrades of the mechanical torque , while covering a broad range of gearbox-generator combinations in terms of gearbox ratios.
    • Keeping the gear unit outer dimensions identical across the full torque range − eliminating the need for major drive-train/nacelle re-designs during the turbine platform lifetime.

    In brief, using standardized building blocks inside the gearbox leverages the platform supply chain and operational synergies. Re-using building blocks simplifies service and reduces maintenance costs, while offering potential for future turbine power upgrades of the installed base.

    SHIFT 6k, the strongest member of the SHIFT family

    Flexibility, availability and performance at a lower cost are the pillars of the WESHIFT generation. With SHIFT 6k ZF Wind Power offers the most powerful gearbox platform for onshore wind turbines, while also covering targeted offshore markets. This platform has best in class torque density (175 Nm/kg) powering new generation wind turbines from 4.5MWup to 7MW, and rotor diameters of up to 180 meters. Significantly reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy .

    Discover more about ZF Wind Power's SHIFT towards the future: https://bit.ly/2VovznJ

  • ZF service puts wind energy in motion
    Customer satisfaction with both products and services is a critical objective. ZF offers service solutions and options that cover the product life cycle, from development until the end of turbine life.


  • ZF Wind Power’s service: always at your side

    At ZF Wind Power, customer satisfaction with products and services is a critical objective. It offers service solutions and options that cover the product life cycle, from development until the end of turbine life.
    Proximity to international customers is central to ZF’s ability to achieve a peerless level of service. It operates state-of-the-art production plants, workshops, on site interventions and testing facilities in all key markets. It aims to make customers feel that a ZF technician is working by their side and a replacement component is easily available.

    Up-tower and on-site repairs

    Up-tower solutions and field service offering have become a fundamental part of a full service package in order to optimize the Levelized Cost of Energy for wind.

    Starting within the conceptual development of WTG-drivetrains, important decisions are made on serviceability strategy. An optimized balance between Capex & Opex will be a result of serviceability concepts integrated into the nacelle & gearbox designs. For this reason, a service readiness process is embedded into ZF’s Product Development Process (PDP) to design and develop mandatory up-tower solutions. A dedicated group of specialists from ZF and customers (OEMs) are co-engineering the right spare parts, tooling and working methods. A combination of spare parts kits, tools and skilled technicians bring the up-tower solution to avoid higher costs (in comparison with a full gearbox exchange).

    The service readiness process used today, enables the further deployment towards all regions, safeguards high qualitative execution and guarantees the fastest return to operation by means of dedicated tools and procedures. Both ZF technicians as ZF certified partners are trained by means of train-the-trainer program to secure a worldwide field service operational network.

    Beside the service readiness and engineering, extra digitalization tools are used to strengthen the outputs. Especially on case management, service reporting, service history and failure analysis, enhanced data-collection and analytical digital tools are supporting ZF Wind Power’s service offering.

    All of the above makes ZF’s service operations a pro-active and planned maintenance program.

    Workshop repairs: the broadest repair program, delivered globally

    Globally ZF’s main service capabilities handle over 900 gearbox repairs a year.  Based in Germany; the US, India and China there is a location for every workshop repair for the full range of gearboxes. Additionally, ZF Wind Power works with partners to strengthen and support capabilities and capacities. Its multi brand service, upgrades and differentiated repair levels are key.

    Replacement units: fast delivery through new and pre-refurbished gearboxes

    Thanks to worldwide on-site service and the one-stop shop concept, logistic efforts can be reduced. With a global pool for quick available replacement units, the global established network of experts can react rapidly and minimize the downtimes of customers facilities. The customer specified pooling concept contains new and refurbished gearboxes for different wind turbine manufacturers, like Vestas, Senvion, Nordex, SiemensGamesa RE and GE. All gearboxes are full-load tested and conversation, inspection and periodical turning are included in the gearbox pool package.

    Service powered by analytics: spare parts optimization

    Optimizing spare-parts stock is only a part of the solution towards optimal turbine availability.

    ZF Wind Power’s digital dashboard captures information from condition-monitoring systems which measure different parameters, such as temperature and oil particles, and generate an alarm when threshold values are reached.

    After running these alarms through ZF’s analytics platform, recommendations can be made for service interventions to be planned accordingly; also taking into consideration the wind turbine’s optimal operating periods, ensuring servicing can take place at the least productive time.

    Qualitative documentation, an optimal spare-parts inventory and recommendations based on live data from each gearbox in the fleet combine into a powerful digitalization strategy, emphasizing on ZF Wind Power’s role as a pioneer in the renewable energy market.

    When stocks need replenishing, the service contract guarantees fixed pricing for parts and an agreed lead time between ZF and the customer, so they know when it will arrive and can arrange the repair or replacement accordingly, minimizing turbine downtime.

    Lear more about ZF Wind Power's service: https://bit.ly/2JEz4o8

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