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Bachmann electronic is an international high-tech company with headquarters in Feldkirch (Austria) and develops, produces and sells innovative control, communication, visualization and condition monitoring systems for sophisticated automation solutions. The systems are used globally in a wide variety of industrial engineering applications, series and special-purpose machine production and wind energy applications. Bachmann systems are leading in user-friendliness, functionality, robustness and reliability.

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 Press Releases

  • Wind Energy 5.0 – Bachmann shows the digital future of wind turbine automation.

    New: AIC214 condition monitoring module; CMS extension for imbalance detection and GMP232/x grid measuring module.

    Feldkirch, 7 January 2019 – Bachmann Electronic, the leading manufacturer of automation solutions for wind turbines is dedicating its appearance at the trade show, to the digital revolution. With its Wind Energy 5.0 concept, the Austrian company is in tune with technological evolution. Nowadays wind turbines must be seen as part of a wind farm, and wind farms as part of a complex, interconnected energy system. In the energy system of the future, both CAPEX and OPEX costs will be reduced, when the five components – turbine control, big data portal, smart grid, SCADA and condition monitoring system – can work together in harmony in a comprehensive automation solution. “With a good CMS alone, downtimes can be cut by 80 per cent. With Wind Energy 5.0 and the knowledge gained from the resulting data, the costs can be reduced even more”, says Gabriel Schwanzer, head of Bachmann Electronic’s wind energy business unit.

    Three new products
    Bachmann Electronic will be using AWEA Windpower to introduce three new products to the US wind community: the new AIC214 condition monitoring module that has been developed on the basis of experience acquired over recent years; the Blade Unbalance Calculator, which is the first CMS plug-in that estimates rotor unbalance with no need to fit trial masses, and the new GMP232/x grid measurement module family, which have the latest component certificates of grid code conformity and can identify even the smallest frequency changes with an absolute accuracy of one millihertz.

    About Bachmann Electronic GmbH in the wind energy sector

    Bachmann electronic, founded in 1970, is an internationally operating high-tech company based in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg, Austria), which provides complete system solutions in the field of automation technology. The company has 451 employees worldwide and is the market leader in the automation of wind turbines, with over 100,000 installed systems and a market share of over 50 percent.

    About Bachmann Monitoring GmbH

    Bachmann Monitoring GmbH is based in Rudolstadt (Thuringia, Germany) and was established in 1998 with the name µ-Sen. The 50-employee company developed the world’s first condition monitoring system integrated into the control systems of wind turbines. A team of specialist data analysts monitors the condition of about 9000 turbines and detects complex fault patterns at an early stage. Its customers include operational management companies, energy producers and turbine manufacturers.


  • Wind Power SCADA (WPS)
    Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA delivers the best in SCADA turbine visualization and operation for wind sites globally. Scalable, flexible, pure web-based, and secure. Maximum information from your wind turbines with the highest security protection!...

  • Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA is a customizable, easy-to-use solution that helps you manage your wind farm. Get the most information possible, to satisfy your “Big Data” analytics needs.  Maximum flexibility ensures rapid implementation, ease of operation and the possibility to expand the installation efficiently. Prioritize the information you want to see.  Achieve the security levels required to keep your data and assets safe.  Compare live data from different farms and turbines to support detailed analysis, including power curve, wind distribution, energy production and switch counters in the form of graphs and/or tables.  Experience SCADA based on pure web technology, allowing for a wide range of devices – a browser is all that's needed to access secure, extensive and detailed information on your entire fleet.


    Hierarchical views in a tree or graphic display, as well as coordinate based positioning (Geo map) enable fast navigation. Furthermore, the individually configurable split screen mode provides a greater overview. A detailed view of the turbine based on IEC 61400-25 components supplies the live process values clearly displayed.


    Critical data such as status, power, generated energy, as well in addition to meteorological data is clearly displayed and made available everywhere, for the entire fleet, for each farm or for each turbine.  If other characteristic values or functions are required, these can be modified easily online via the atvise® builder development tool, as the customer has access to the entire project according to the authorization levels set.


    WPS offers online and offline trending, thus allowing the user to observe and evaluate live values of different turbines and wind farms in a graph. Event triggered snapshots can also be analyzed. All data and values are recorded with maximum precision and depict events on the controller at the precise time.


    The IEC interface defines the sending of commands to the controller and thus to the turbine. WPS thus sends commands to the appropriate turbine, taking the access rights and the handling of the active status into account. This prevents several clients from making write accesses to the controller at the same time. This mechanism also allows any changes to be made to parameters as well as alarm acknowledgments.

    The development of Bachmann's open, flexible and future-oriented Wind Power SCADA system (WPS) is the result of many years of experience and knowledge acquired in the wind power sector.  A wide range of different terminal devices including tablets, pcs, laptops, and smart devices can be used to visualize turbine data across entire fleets from anywhere. The Wind Power SCADA (WPS) sector-specific system solution is a perfect addition to Bachmann's Wind Turbine Template (WTT) turbine controller software, which provides the most important components, analyses and functions for the operational control of a wind turbine. WTT is based on the data structures of the IEC 61400-25 standard and depicts all process values using the standard compliant data area. This enables standard compliant components created in WPS to be instantiated as objects from the prepared libraries. The process data connection is therefore already completed and the turbines can be visualized with its respective components with simple drag and drop implementation. This considerable reduction in development effort through the use of library components helps you to achieve your goal faster and more economically. Field-proven technology for all areas WPS is based on the generic atvise SCADA product from Certec, a company belonging to the Bachmann Group.  Thanks to its multi-client server architecture, atvise SCADA provides the ideal basis for Wind Power SCADA. Multi-lingual functionality as well as device and operating system independence complete the portfolio for keeping wind power in view from anywhere in the world.


    ▪ Sector-specific SCADA system

    ▪ Use of standard OPC UA and IEC 61400-25 communication protocols

    ▪ High scalability, open system

    ▪ Live process data on all visualization levels

    ▪ Integrated wind farm/turbine configurator

    ▪ Automatic adaption of the graphic solution for PC, tablet or smartphone

    ▪ Easy visualization on all mobile devices

    ▪ Standard user management for SCADA and turbine, also online

    ▪ Active status/access control

    ▪ Split-screen mode

    ▪ Online/offline trending

    ▪ Online language selection

    ▪ Alarm and data history

    ▪ Availability calculation acc. to IEC 61400-26-1/-3

    ▪ Service logbook

    ▪ CMS ISO VDI 3834 integration

    ▪ Reporting



  • Condition Monitoring System (CMS)
    Bachmann offers the best in condition monitoring systems to the wind industry, with unparal-leled detection rates, systems for any turbine make and model, custom reporting and global support. CMS solutions custom tailored to the needs of your fleet.......


    With comprehensive condition monitoring system (CMS) solutions consisting of stand-alone to fully integrated options, installation offered worldwide, remote monitoring with global support, and a multitude of training options, Bachmann Monitoring has become an industry leader for CMS within the wind industry.  An installation base of over 9,000 systems worldwide coupled with over 20 years of experience in condition monitoring, is the foundation upon which Bachmann Monitoring has built its unparalleled CMS offering.  Custom designed CMS solutions tailored to the needs of your fleet and guaranteed high availability with backwards compatibility maintained with every new product rollout, ensures that your wind turbines will be equipped with the latest in predictive maintenance technology throughout their lifetime.

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