Pre-Conference Masterclass: From Hyperscale to Edge - Emerging Innovations and Enabling Deployment of Tomorrow's Data Centers

  • Room: Ballroom D
  • Session Number:016
Monday,February 06, 2023:8:30 AM -12:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:3


Lucas Mays
Product Manager, Splicers
Manja Thessin
Market Manager, Enterprise
Seán Adam
Vice President, Market Strategy and Innovation
Subbu Meiyappan
ECSite, Inc



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Non-Member Price:  $225

Hyperscale and the emerging edge are driving innovation across the optical landscape and defining a new level of challenge in network deployment. We stand at a point of convergence of technology and societal trends and capabilities. Data has become the lifeblood of our modern society as we quest to digitize the world. Our daily lives require access to high-speed broadband to enable work-from-home, remote healthcare, and E-Education. At the very heart of this vast fabric stands the modern data center. To enable the transformative applications of tomorrow, the data center landscape will need to continue to evolve and transform itself as well. These emerging applications will require near-instantaneous response, driving data centers even closer to the "user edge". From the "hyperscale" data centers built by Cloud Content Providers to "nano" data centers standing on the street corner in support of autonomous vehicles, the keys to success are founded not only in the optical infrastructure you choose but also in the processes and tools you use to deploy successfully. This masterclass will guide you in (1) understanding the latest innovations in optical infrastructure impacting the data center landscape; (2) how these innovations provide both opportunities and challenges in getting the most out of your Data Center Site; and (3) how to improve speed and consistency in deployment and help your workforce be more effective through making the right infrastructure, process, and tool choice. The panel will also discuss the drivers behind the emerging "edge" and how it creates a continuum of data centers from the edge-of-the-cloud to the edge-of-your-street.

*Pre-Conference Masterclasses require an additional registration fee and receive additional CECs.