Urban Arrow

Portland,  OR 
United States
  • Booth: 138

Cargo Bike Curious? Please visit and see what the fuss is!

We all know the market is changing in almost every way possible. Lots of uncertainty, and IBD's are finding long held partnerships and asummptions no longer holding.  Time to reaccess everything.  How does an exploding sector that's caught many dealers napping sound?  One that's virtually online sale proof?  NOT one that every other shop and supplier sells and is overstocked and discounting?  All it takes is looking up and seeing the forest for the trees. Urban Arrow rules the most informed, mature and discriminating marketplaces in the world for cargo and people moving bikes, even if this isn't apparent here. You can continue to flog sales for the same black white and red, carbon fiber, 105/Ultegra bike every other supplier and shop in sight is discounting furiously, or you can get ahead of market changes and lead instead of follow trends! Our Family bike is to a plywood box cargo bike what a Tesla is to a Model T. Our cargo specific designs are likewise more advanced than anything out there. We have US staff and US inventory, including P&A. We offer an unmatched range of clever custom accessories.  Easy entry with free freight, demo bikes and more.  Be our partner not our servant!

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