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FDA/CE/CPNP certified Aesthetic products export 61 countries

JNL's cosmetics are used in more than 8000 hospital & luxury SPA in 61 countries worldwide.

What we do: R&D, Manufacture, Aesthetics Education, Franchise.

We develop& produce more than 120 Professional Aesthetics products with FDA, CE, PMDA, NMPA, IS13485 certified.

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  • Dermaroller set, Home Aesthetic Device
    A new concept roller-type skin treatment device for EP (electroporation). Using NNN™(need no needle) technology that applies innovative complex intermediate frequencies, it is designed to facilitate cosmetics'absorption into skin more effectively....

  • Dermaroller Set 

    V-Line in 10 minutes!

    Detoxification, Diminishing pores, Improving wrinkles

    Enhancing elasticity, Nourishing& Regeneration, Whitening& Moisturizing

    Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/TfMzkcBYssM

    DERMAROLLER is a new concept roller-type skin treatment device uses electroporation(EP) technology to quickly penetrate the effective ingredients in cosmetics into the dermis.

    Using NNN™(need no needle) technology that applies innovative complex intermediate frequencies, it is designed to facilitate cosmetics' absorption into skin more effectively.

    Obtained a number of domestic and international patents, and has obtained CE, RoHS certification. Also the serums packaged with it have obtained the FDA, NMPA, CPNP.

    • Features of DERMAROLLER

    DERMAROLLER has totally unique features compared to existing simple ion injectors.

    It uses EP (electroporation) and it is not an ion injector.

    The existing ion injectors only deliver a very small amount of ionizable matters, such as vitamin C, into skin, through galvanic ion.

    DERMAROLLER, however, uses the up-to-date EP technology with intermediate frequencies to deliver cosmetics' moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients directly into skin.

    • Dermaroller Treatment Mode 3 in 1

    DERMAROLLER™ EP : Portable item which helps skin to absorb more effectively cosmetic active components into deep skin tissues.

    DERMAROLLER™ MP : No Needle-No pain technology helps to penetrate into skin dermis cosmetic components without any pain and stress.

    DERMAROLLER™ EMS : Contract muscles, making skin tissues vitalized.

    • Advantage

    1. Three Mode intermediate-Frequency EP(Electroporation) treatment gives multifunctional effectiveness to your skin : Moisturizing, Whitening, Anti-Aging

    2. NNN™(Need No Needle) Technology with MP(Mesoporation)-Aging Skin Care effectiveness without any pain

    3. Gold Plated Roller Head-EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation)with Lifting-up Massage Effectiveness

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