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  • ULTIMATE database
    At Mcule we have realized that there is a need for a larger and more diverse chemical space to make drug discovery more efficient. That’s why we started our ULTIMATE project....

  • The primary need of chemists in drug discovery is to access the largest possible database of drug-like compounds which they can search intelligently to find the best hit and lead compounds. 

    By developing a method for predicting compounds that are not yet synthesized but can be prepared with robust reactions from existing building blocks and reagents at an affordable price, we are extending the existing chemical space with “virtual molecules”.

    In this project, a commercial database of 500 million novel, diverse and synthetically feasible compounds will be developed.

    Standard parameters of the database are:

    • At least 80% success rate,
    • max. 6 weeks delivery time,
    • fixed prices.

    To learn more, visit our ULTIMATE website or watch our short introductory video: 

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 777828.

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