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United States
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Proton OnSite is a leading manufacturer of laboratory on-site gas generators. We offer safe, affordable and high-performance solutions for onsite hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero air generators for the LCMS and GC lab market. For more information please visit


  • N250M/ N400M Nitrogen Lab Server
    If your lab has more than one LCMS System, your lab could benefit from a Nitrogen Lab Server from Proton OnSite. Lab servers are large capacity laboratory gas generators that can supply multiple LCMS systems....

  • Model



    Technology Employed


    Flow Rate1

    250 SLPM

    400 SLPM

    Output Pressure

    0 to 7 barg / 0 to 100 psig

    Suspended Liquids



    Constructed with phthalate free materials

    Input Air Requirements

    Particulate < 0.1 mg/m3 (≤ 0.01 µm)

    Oil vapors ≤ 0.01 mg/m3

    Moisture ≤ 3°C dew point at line pressure ( 0.1%)

    Min pressure 7.5 barg / 110 psig

    Max pressure 10 barg / 145 psig

    Minimum Inlet Air Flow Rate Required for Maximum Product Flow Rate

    600 SLPM

    1200 SLPM

    Air Compressor


    Ambient Operating Temperature

    40°F to 100°F / 5°C to 38°C

    Ambient Humidity

    ≤ 70% RH, non-condensing

    Max Altitude

    2000 m / 6560 ft above sea level

    Unit Dimensions (H x D x W)

    44” x 7.6” x 34”

    111.8 cm x 19.3 cm x 86.4 cm

    Unit Weight

    126 lbs

    57.1 kg

    133 lbs

    60.3 kg


    Wall-mountable and floor stand options available



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