Software for Chemistry & Materials

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Whether you research organic electronics, chemical reactions, or (nano)materials, we have the right tools for you. The ADF Modeling Suite offers DFT, semi-empirical, reactive force fields and fluid thermodynamics all with an integrated GUI with a simple single-file binary on Windows, Mac and Linux.  Come and discuss your research questions!


  • Amsterdam Modeling Suite 2018
    Excellent & easy to use modeling tools for molecules, materials & processes.
    Integrated graphical interface & computational chemistry engines from DFT to ReaxFF to model systems from a few atoms to many thousands.

  • Our developers worked hard to completely rewrite the Amsterdam Modeling Suite (AMS). The 2018 release is modular, maintaining a tight coupling to our own codes as well as being flexible to work with external atomistic codes. Our molecular DFT codes ADF (molecules) and BAND (nanotubes, surfaces, bulk), the fast DFTB code, and especially the reactive MD (ReaxFF) module have also undergone many improvements. Finally the COSMO-RS module to predict thermodynamics properties in solution has been extended with a lot of interesting new functionality, including fast group-based predictions and solvent optimizations.

    Combined with both a powerful graphical user interface and a python scripting and workflow tool, expert technical support by our developers, AMS is designed to make computational chemistry work for you!

    Come by our booth to discuss how our software can advance your research, or how we can further improve it by implementing new functionality in our 2019 release!

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