Delft,  Zuid-Holland 
  • Booth: 2432


Nanoparticles enable energy conversion and storage

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  • Come find us at Booth #2432 to talk about the future of nanomaterials and nanoparticle production in catalysis, sensing and healthcare!


    The VSP-G1 is a standard pressure and temperature atomic cluster/nanoparticle generator for inorganic materials, focusing on catalysis. Several accessories are available to deposit particles on a wide range of substrates....

  • The VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator provides you with the possibility to perform groundbreaking research within the field of nanomaterials, without the limitations of common generation methods and materials. It allows you to move through the research cycle quickly, fast forwarding from hypothesis to success! Are you ready to break down the last barriers in aerosol and material science?

    The VSP-G1 uses two electrodes as base material to generate sub 20 nm particles. Below 20 nm, quantum effects of nanoparticles can be used for all kinds of applications.  All solid (semi-) conductive that can be processed into electrodes can be used in this device. This allows for the creation of particles of bi-metals, nano-alloys or materials that are immiscible in bulk state.

    There are several accessoires available that can be mounted to the VSP-G1 outlet for easy deposition using either diffusion, impaction or filtration. These add-ons simplify the preparation of samples for analyses such as (in-situ) TEM, SEM, filtration testing, cataytic activity measurements or further processing steps. Examples of 1: Diffusion accesory, 2: Impaction accessory, 3: Filtration accessory are shown below.

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