Viva Biotech

  • Booth: 1221

Viva Biotech, headquartered in Shanghai and listed on HKEX, is a technology-driven CRO enabling small molecule and biologics drug discovery. Differentiating technology platforms include X-Ray, ASMS, SPR, SBDD, FBDD, GPCR, Fab/Ag Co-Crystal. As a world-class CRO in structural biology and with 300 chemists, we have delivered 4 clinical candidates.


  • Viva-Chemistry
    Medicinal chemistry (Hit-to-Lead, Lead Optimization)
    Library design
    Process chemistry
    Synthetic chemistry
    Process chemistry
    Nucleoside chemistry
    Peptide chemistry

    1. Protein Production & Crystallization - World-leading CRO in Structural Biology and Protein Chemistry; 3,000+ Co-crystal structures determined per year
    2. ASMS Screening Platform - Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry screening; Label-free; Unbiased, High throughput
    3. Medicinal Chemistry - 300 chemists; Three state-of-the-art facilities in Shanghai, Chengdu and Jiaxing
    4. Therapeutic Antibody Discovery - Hybridoma and phage display approaches; Antibody engineering; Fab-antigen complex crystal structure determination
    5. Membrane Protein - GPCR/Ion Channel/Transporter preparation and crystallization
    6. Bioassay Platform - Biochemical, biophysical and cell-based assays with advanced technologies including SPR, TSA, FLIPR, TR-FRET, FACS
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