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DWK Life Sciences — A New Beginning


  • Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle
    Wide mouth for easy filling. 500 mL capacity and precision jet tip ensures fine control.
    Vented cap with PTFE membrane prevents pressure build-ups....

  • Molded graduations and integrated inner tube prevents bench contamination when refilling.

    Choice of indelibly printed solvent labels for ETOH, MEOH, IPA, DH2O, or Blank. Color-coded lids and contents available in red, yellow, blue, green or orange.

    Multilingual version Chemical names in English, French, German and Spanish eliminate the need for multiple wash bottles. Chemical formulae and CAS number for easy identification of solvent contained.  Globally Harmonized System reflects the latest changes in legislation including new pictograms. Signal word to identify the severity of the hazard statements, replace the old risk phrases.

    Custom printing available on request.

  • New! GLS 80® Clear Wide Mouth Media Bottles
    New! GLS 80® Clear Wide Mouth Media Bottles w/ Blue PP Cap at Booth 1325...

  • Come see the innovative DWK Life Sciences GLS80 bottle solution on display at Booth 1325!  Ideal for storage and transport of high value sample substances, wide-mouth provides ease of use for filling and dispensing of powders, viscous liquids and slurries. GL80 thread design requires less than 2.5 turns for closure. Available in 250 mL, 500 mL, 1L, 10L and 20L sizes packaged in small quantities for space efficiency and cost savings.

    Add our GLS 80 Connection System —screw cap GLS 80 with four ports (GL 18 thread), to expand bottle functionality for limitless uses including daisy-chaining multiple bottles of same volume or different volumes.  User can configure the bottles for bioreactors, production, experiments, mixing, fluid refresh, energy studies, life cycle studies, medical/forensics storage, aerobic/anaerobic experiments, dispensing, and many more applications.

    Safety Coated versions with KimCote polymer add security and safety whether in use, transporting or storage. Amber versions also available which help defend against the negative consequences of light exposure to contents.

    • KIMAX® 33 borosilicate glass, USP Type 1 for purity and strength.
    • Durable ceramic ink graduations and marking patch
    • Blue quick-release linerless polypropylene closure and pour ring
    • Autoclavable

    Product Type

    Media Bottle, Glass

  • Socorex® Calibrex™ organo / solutae BT Dispensers
    Two model types: 525 organo and 539 solutae Bottle Top Dispensers...

  • Two model types:  525 organo and 539 solutae. Color coded. Yellow for organo model best suited for organics, no crystalizing acid and base solutions. Red for solutae model for salt soltuions, weak and strong acids as well as bases.  Both models available in seven dispensing ranges from 0.1 to 100 mL

    • Superior chemical resistance and optional flow control stopcock for priming.
    • Long-lasting performance stability and permanent fluid path visibility.
    • Simple construction # no tool for disassembling
    • Instant volume setting
    • Integrated calibration system
    • Autoclavable at 121C/250F fully assembled
    • Two year warranty
    • Additional accessories available.

    Product Type

    Bottle Top Dispenser

  • Volumetrics Flasks for Every Need at Booth 1325
    RAY-SORB® Class-A Heavy-Duty Wide-Mouth Volumetric Flasks with Glass Stopper...

  • DWK Life Sciences KIMAX® brand offers the widest range of volumetric flasks for educational use all the way to highly regulated applications.


    • Less than 1% transmission below 400 nm and approximately 5% transmission from 400-600 nm
    • Pipet access is easy with wide-mouth volumetric flasks
    • Superior strength, durability and safety provided by heavy, uniform walls
    • Quick identification with large, permanent, easy-to-read, markings
    • Flat interior bottoms for stirring with standard stir bars
    • Graduated to Class A volumetric tolerances for wide-mouth flasks
    • Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements and then RAY-SORB® processed  

    Other versions available in Class B, Educational Grade, KimCote® plastic safety coated, heavy duty, wide-mouths, traditional designs and another ACS booth feature – the CLASS A SQUARE VOLUMETRIC FLASK.  KIMAX® square flasks are designed to take up less area and pack more closely on shelves and in refrigerators or other storage cabinets.

    For improved laboratory glassware management or project-based work, we offer the flexibility of Colorware. Choose from pink, red, blue, green, and yellow. All volumetric flasks are available with several stopper options, including glass pennyhead, polyethylene, color-coded PTFE, snap and screw cap offerings.

    Product Type

    Volumetric Flasks

  • KIMAX®-HQ Highest Quality NMR Tubes
    KIMAX®-HQ Highest Quality NMR Tubes...

  • Come by Booth 1325 to check out our range of NMR tubes and new, easier to use soft caps!  Our KIMAX®-HQ NMR tubes are our highest quality NMR tubes and are 100% gauged for wall thickness, concentricity and camber specifications.  These tubes are ideal for sealing directly to vacuum manifolds, joints or valves.

    • Attached polyethylene caps
    • Sandblasted marking spot
    • OD 4.97 (+0.0000/-0.013) mm
    • ID 4.20 (+0.013/-0.0000) mm
    • Wall thickness 0.375 mm
    • Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

    Other versions available include Thrift Grade, Disposable and Specialty NMR Tubes.  Broad range of accessories including tube washers, sealing manifolds, extended tip pipet, pressure caps, tube rack, funnels, rubber septa, caps compatible with NMR autosamplers, custom lengths and decorations (fill lines, logo, etc.).

    Product Type

    NMR Tubes

  • New Product: Silicone Beaker Lids
    Beaker covers...

  • New Product Introduction exclusively at ACS 2019, Booth 1325!!  Come see the new Silicone Beaker Lid that replaces film or foil covers.  Add color to your lab, work safer and protect your valuable work with our new silicone beaker/flask/container lids!

    • Versatile: The new KIMBLE ® silicone lid is suitable for a wide range of applications as it can be used to cover and seal a variety of differently shaped lab containers.
    • Safe: The KIMBLE® silicone lid seals flush with the container and protects the contents from dust or splashes and may lower exposure to contents. With the help of the integrated pull tabs, the lid can be easily removed by hand or with gloves.  The highly stretchable nature of our silicone beaker lids fit many sizes of beakers.
    • Identifiable: Small-Medium-Large sizes come in three colors (pink, cyan and green) which makes it easy to color mark different samples. In addition, sample information can be written with a lab marker on the marking field flap to indicate the sample.
    • Sustainable: The KIMBLE ® silicone lids are reusable, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. This results in less waste, and a lower environment impact.

    Product Type

    Beaker Cover

  • Over 50% off Boiling Flask Sale
    Boiling Flask Sale...

  • Another ACS 2019 Show Special at Booth 1325!  Boiling Flask Blowout sale over 50% List.  Stock up your lab now and SAVE!  SAVE!  SAVE!!!  Almost every type of boiling flask type is on sale for a limited time to stretch those budgets, replace old or worn glassware or stock up and save!

    Come by the booth to learn more or visit our web site at https://kimble-chase.com/advancedwebpage.aspx?p=promosOffer

    Product Type

    Boiling Flasks

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