Formulaction USA

Worthington,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 1117

Formulaction provides instrumentation that can measure and predict the stability and rheology of concentrated emulsions and dispersions. Multiple Light Scattering is used to track particle movement and correlate this to events such as sedimentation, creaming, clarification, flocculation, viscosity, gel point and thermal phase transitions.


  • Turbiscan Stability Analyzer
    The Turbiscan is used industry-wide to monitor and predict the stability of concentrated emulsions, dispersion, foams, and powders. Formulation optimization and shelf-life studies are made simple and accurate without use of subjective measurements....

  • Formulaction has been a global leader in stability measurements for over 20 years. Our Turbiscan technology utilizes Multiple Light Scattering in order to quantify particle migration and size change events inside of concentrated media. A mobile reading head is moved vertically along a glass sample cell and acquires transmission and backscattering data every 40 micrometers. By repeating this scan over time a complete stability profile relating to particle movement and size change can be detailed, allowing for high resolution results to be obtained in a fraction of the time compared to visual methods. Individual or global kinetics are easily calculated in order to effortlessly interpret and relay data and provide insight into exactly where and how a formulation is failing. This technology allows the formulator to quickly optimize formulations by rapidly comparing multiple samples as well as providing shelf-life predictions for longer studies.

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