KNF Neuberger  

Trenton,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 1831

Visit KNF for the latest in laboratory vacuum pumps and systems, liquid pumps, and rotary evaporators. Be sure to ask our laboratory experts about selecting the right LABOPORT oil-free vacuum pump or rotary evaporator for your application, and about our Pump Finder tool. Or, discover KNF LIQUIPORT and SIMDOS liquid pumps - ideal for precise transfer and dosing/metering applications.


  • LABOPORT® Oil-free Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps
    For stellar performance year after year, choose KNF's LABOPORT oil-free vacuum pumps....

  • This wide range of diaphragm pumps offers remarkable dependability, portability, and adaptability for a wide range of laboratory applications. Compact KNF LABOPORT pumps are chemically-resistant for maximum durability and extended performance, year after year after year...

    Find the perfect pump for your application by stopping at the KNF booth or visit our easy-to-use online pump finder tool at

  • LIQUIPORT and SIMDOS Liquid Diaphraghm Pumps
    KNF LIQUIPORT and SIMDOS liquid diaphragm pumps offer flexibility and durability for liquid transfer and metering/dosing applications. Choose from a variety of wetted materials and control options....

  • KNF liquid diaphragm pumps are small, quiet, self-priming, maintenance-free, and will operate dry indefinitely without damage. Each includes intuitive control options and a splash-proof housing. Unlike peristaltic pumps, there is no tubing to break or fatigue, therefore, flow rates are consistent and reliable. In addition, all KNF liquid pumps offer premium, chemically-resistant models. LIQUIPORT easy-to-use transfer pumps off flow rates ranging from 0.2 - 1.3 L/min and 0.5 - 3.0 L/min. SIMDOS 02 and 10 metering and dosing pumps offer metering flow rates from 0.03 – 20 mL/min and 1 – 100 mL/min, respectively, and discrete dosing volumes of 0.03 – 999 mL and 1 – 999 mL, respectively.

  • KNF Rotary Evaporators
    KNF Rotary Evaporators are designed to withstand continuous, intensive use. Product features include: memory function for streamlined, reliable process repeatability; simple, centralized control of all functions; and quick, easy flask exchange....

  • A global leader in manufacturing laboratory pumps and systems, KNF has combined its long-standing strengths of engineering and product development to introduce KNF rotary evaporators. These products are designed to impress thanks to their distinct handling advantages, clever functional details, and well thought out safety features. Each offers centralized control of all functions, space-saving footprint, and a memory function for streamlined, reliable process repeatability. For maximum operator efficiency and safety, a simple, quick flask exchange mechanism and an easy-to-pour heating bath are incorporated, and there is minimal exposed tubing. Wireless control is available for operation outside a closed hood sash for additional safety. KNF RC Rotary evaporators are designed for intensive day-to-day use in a wide range of laboratories, from academia to industry.

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