Specac, Inc.  

Fort Washington,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1526

Specac is a high quality engineering, design and manufacturing company of FTIR accessories and sample preparation products.  They provide solutions for a range of applications and samples at high temperature and pressuresand work.  They also work in a number of areas including forensics, pharmaceuticals, academics and research institutions.

Specac are well known for their innovative approach and collaborate with a numnber of institutions worldwide.

They have offices in the UK, America's and Asia and an extensive dealer network world-wide.


  • Atmos Gas Cell
    The Atmos™ range of cells are compact, low-cost, long pathlength gas cells for measurement of gases with low concentration and low absorption cross-section. They can be heated with the addition of an external heating jacket....

  • The pathlength of the cell is fixed at the factory and cannot be adjusted. They are set according to the models below:

    Atmos™ A2.5 cell is 2.5 m

    Atmos™ A5 cell is 5.0 m

    Atmos™ A10 cell is 10.0 m

    Atmos™ A20 cell is 20.0 m

    Additional features

    • Retrofittable heating jacket heats to 200 °C
    • All mechanical mirror mounting prevents outgassing of adhesives.
    • Choice of CaF2 or ZnSe windows.
    • Optional extra thermocouple for internal gas temperature monitoring.
    • Purgeable interface optics
  • The Pearl
    The Pearl™ is the holder and optical transfer system for the unique Oyster™ liquid transmission cell. The Oyster™ consists of pathlength matched window holders that form a fixed pathlength without spacers or fixing tools....

  • Available in fixed pathlengths of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 µm

    Key Benefits

    • Simple to use and clean: No trapped bubbles, no difficult assembly, no broken seals or spacers, no leaks, no problem to use viscous and sticky samples.
    • Wedged windows to eliminate etalon / fringing patterns or parallel windows for accurate pathlength determination.
    • Horizontal cell orientation to prevent leaks and allow the sample to be spotted easily in place.
    • ZnSe or CaF2 windows

    Additional features

    • Pull-out draw for easy access to cell
    • Purgeable optics
    • Injection port for volatile samples
  • Atlas Autotouch Press
    The Atlas Autotouch Press range are electrically powered, touchscreen programmable laboratory hydraulic presses. This product is used in, XRF Sample Prep and Academic research...

  • Key Benefits

    • Programmable load cycle controlling the ramp rate, maximum load, and load release (up to 10 steps total) for maximum reproducibility.
    • Powered operation to reduce effort and increase operator freedom.
    • Pressure top up function prevents pressure from dropping during long load holds.
    • Range of compatible accessories:
      • Pellet dies from 5 to 40 mm diameter.
      • Heated platens and film makers for operation up to 300 °C.
    • 8, 15, 25 and 40 tonne versions

    Additional features

    • Enhanced safety features including PETG safety guards and automatic cut-out and load release when the guard is opened.
    • Works on single phase AC power supplies making it essentially plug and play.
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