Chemical Angel Network

11595 Harbridge Dr.
Granger,  IN 
United States

The Chemical Angel Network (CAN) is the only Nation-wide angel network investing in seed and early stage chemical businesses in materials, measurements, manufacturing, biotech, pharma, medical devices, etc. This angel network offers chemists, chemical engineers, and other chemical professionals a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of companies within the chemical and chemistry enabled industries. In addition to financial capital, the network provides companies and entrepreneurs several unique benefits. The network draws upon the member's unique experiences and knowledge base to provide comprehensive due diligence, mentoring, contacts, and technical expertise. In 2022 CAN created CAN Fund 1, our first in a series of angel funds for those members who were not interested in individual investments. CAN Fund 1 plans on investing up to $150,000 in a single company. Early stage chemical businesses can apply at NO COST to the Chemical Angel Network by using the Entrepreneur button on our website


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