KNF Neuberger

2 Black Forest Road
Trenton,  NJ 
United States

Visit KNF and ask our laboratory experts about selecting the right LABOPORT oil-free vacuum pump or vacuum system for your application. Or, discover KNF SIMDOS liquid dosing/metering and LIQUIPORT liquid transfer pumps.

New chemically-resistant vacuum systems will be on display, each offering: automatic recognition and monitoring of boiling point using the integrated ramp function; no solvent library needed, high recovery rates even with low boiling point solvents; four operating modes for nearly all common lab applications; remote-control for safe operation from outside closed fume hoods; easy, intuitive control via touchscreen display and precise rotation knob; and integrated gas ballast for faster processing times. The maximum flow rate for SC 820 G is 20 l/min and 34 l/min for SC 840 G. The ultimate vacuum for both systems is 6 mbar abs. These systems are ideal for rotary evaporation and other applications where control of vacuum levels is important.

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