Hasegawa Corporation  

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HASEGAWA CORPORATION makes tools of supreme hygiene levels.

HASEGAWA's Kitchen Wares are highly valued for their benefits on sanitary management and hygiene standards among restaurants, catering services, hotels and food factories.   

Every product, from the Hasegawa-Makisu’s revolutionary sushi mat, made of advanced plastic and monofilaments instead of traditional bamboo and cotton strings; the first-of-its-kind Hangiri that is lightweight and super hygienic; to the Cutting Board Scraper - an unconventional and unique lifesaver for Cutting Boards, has scored thumbs-ups from our users worldwide.  The Cutting Board Lifters, went a step further to even take care of our chefs’ workplace ergonomics!  

HASEGAWA’s Kitchen Wares, take pride in providing the market with Innovation, without compromise on HYGIENE.  



  • Soft Cutting Board
    A Cutting Board with Wooden Core Structure, is lightweight, deform resistant, a soft surface, and ideal for Japanese knives....

  • The built-in wood core structure, allows the achievement of features like lightweight, high rigidity and soft surface simultaneously. Being resistant to deformation, it is safe for use with the dishwasher and to undergo high heat sterilization treatments. It comes with anti-bacterial properties and is very hygienic. The soft surface is extremely blade friendly, especially ideal for the Japanese knives.
  • HASEGAWA - Hangiri
    A revolutionary Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl. It is made from anti-bacterial plastic, extremely lightweight and durable....

  • The Hangiri (Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl), that is made from anti-bacterial plastic. The foam resin plastic, with reinforced materials, enable its lightweight and durable / tough features. It is very hygienic, comes with anti-bacterial properties, and is safe for use with the dishwasher. This is one Hangiri that will not encounter the same problems like those from the conventional, wooden Hangiris, but used in the same manner, and is in fact, more durable and longer lasting.
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