Kalera, Inc.  

Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1000

The very best produce year-round.


We deliver the highest quality produce by precisely tailoring our growing environments to give plants the best of what they get in nature. We control the light spectrum, temperature, pH, nutrients and CO2 to allow each variety of plant to express its full potential in terms of color, flavor and nutrition.

These are perfect plants, that are clean, pesticide free, and available year-round.

Kalera offers produce buyers, chefs, restauranteurs and resorts and food service the finest possible produce. Perfect greens that have never been sprayed with chemicals or poisons, that have never been chewed on by pests, or subjected to unpredictable weather and environmental conditions or contaminants. 

Finally, the next generation of farming has arrived - where you can have exactly what you want, year round. 

Brands: Kalera - the Science of Great Greens; HyTaste - the very best possible produce, year round; HyCube - premier onsite growing environments.


Original HyCube Concept


  • HyTaste eCommerce Site
    37+ locally grown produce products available to order online.
    Set up and mange account deliveries in real time 24/7...

  • Kalera is growing the best produce and making it available year round with the latest in vertical farming technology. For restaurants, resorts and food service trade in the Orlando metro area  his is a game-changer.  Imagine what you cna do with the very best produce effectively in season year-round.  kalera grows the finest produce, without the use of pesticides and absolutley no exposure to the dangerous environmental pathogens that can make people sick. Go to www.hytaste.kalera.com to find out what we can deliver.
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