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PermaDrain, creating the standard in drainage technology.

With over 70 years of plumbing experience, PermaDrain strives to develop new and innovative products to help save our customers time and money. Our entire product line was invented and patented by Master Plumbers and Co-Owners of PermaDrain, Russell and Fred Robillard. While fixing costly drainage issues at a valued customer’s commercial kitchen, they formulated the products needed to reduce devastating restaurant industry plumbing issues. We have perfected the PermaDrain products, always keeping customer satisfaction the #1 priority. PermaDrain continues this mindset everyday, acting as partners to our customers’ success in operation. We at PermaDrain are honored to be creating the standard in drainage technology.

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  • DrainShield®
    A Revolutionary Commercial Kitchen Sink Strainer

    A 3 ½” permanent locking strainer designed to protect your three-compartment, prep and pot-washing commercial sink drains against clogs caused by food particles and other debris.

    One size fits most...

  • The original, locking, commercial sink strainer.

    DrainShield is a revolutionary locking commercial sink strainer that protects all restaurant kitchen sinks with a 3 ½” drain opening. The PermaDrain DrainShield easily installs using a high-security T#27 insert bit.  DrainShield works seamlessly with existing lever drains, and prevents food clippings and silverware from accumulating in drain lines and grease trap interceptors.

    DrainShield also extends the life of your twist, slide, or lever waste drain. PermaDrain’s DrainShield replaces the flimsy, aluminum commercial sink strainer included with lever waste drains. Since these strainers do not lock in place, they often are removed and discarded by kitchen staff. Without a strainer in place, your drain is nowsusceptible to clogs from food debris. When food debris begins to clog a typical lever drain, kitchen staff tend to use utensils like knives or skewers to “unstop” the drain. This practice will inevitably damage the gaskets inside the lever drain. Broken gaskets render the drain stopper useless, resulting in a costly repair. Since food clippings no longer enter the drain, kitchen staff have no reason to insert sharp utensils into the drain. Our locking strainer blocks debris while preventing employees from jabbing sharp kitchen utensil down the drain.

    Don’t be fooled by imitations! DrainShield is the best drain armor available for prep sinks and 3 compartment sinks.

    Drain Shield locks in place using a patented, high-security mechanism that prevents unwanted removal. It can protect all commercial sinks, but it works best as a food strainer for prep sinks and three-compartment sinks. After all, these sinks often take quite a beating during prep or cleaning time in restaurants.

    Most importantly, DrainShield gives you the peace of mind that your commercial sink drains remain protected. Don’t be fooled by impostors. We are the original designers of the only bullet proof drain armor.

    If you don’t have lever drains, then click here and learn why you should. T&S Lever Drain options  Fisher Lever Drain options

    If your tired of lost linen, then don’t forget your Scoop Up! Remove food debris quickly and easily using our flexible scoop strainer.

  • PermaDrain Trough Drains
    There’s no better way to setup for success than with our first, fully assembled, fully integrated, fully protected Trough Drain....

  • Trough Drain Covers for Floor Troughs

    Protect yourself from employee sabotage.

    PermaDrain’s new trough drain is the perfect choice for new construction and remodels. Our design drains large volumes of liquid while blocking foreign debris. The PermaDrain’s trough features our Low Pro Locking Dome Strainer and Safety Basket system, keeping your drain lines protected from drain line clogs and backups. You will also enjoy shorter, safer, and more efficient cleaning sessions by utilizing our Trough Drain. Now, floors can be sprayed and squeegeed without the risk of foreign debris falling into drain lines. Employees may continue cleaning the kitchen with the same bad habits, however, you no longer have to suffer the consequences!

    The Trough Drain is currently available in 3 sizes:

    • 1′ x 3′ – Available Now
    • 1′ x 6′ – Available Now
    • 1′ x 9′ *coming soon
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