Prop and Peller  

Boca Raton,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1360C

Our mission is to be happy & make our customers happy...

Do you know why our Bavarian delights don’t taste like cardboard? It’s not just because Claudia was born and raised in Bavaria that our desserts taste so heavenly. It’s not just because she spent years perfecting the most authentic Bavarian recipes that our breads taste so divine. And it’s not just because she collaborated with the most renowned Bavarian pretzel baker, Oswald Piller, that our pretzels taste unlike any other you’ve experienced. It’s because we’re happy. We’re happy to serve you, happy to work together, happy to create genuine connections with every single customer, and happy to see YOU smile when you take that first bite. We humbly thank you for trusting us with your taste buds. If you’ve had our goodies before, thank you for loving them as much as we do. If you’ve never enjoyed a Prop & Peller treat, we invite you to share in our happiness. 

Peace, love, pretzels, & big smiles to you all.

Brands: Prop & Peller Pretzels


  • Prop & Peller Pretzels
    In Bavaria, Pretzels are the Holy Grail of baking. We take them as seriously as our Bier. So I’m proud to share these passionately crafted treats from my homeland....

  •  A perfectly baked pretzel will be crispy brown on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and crunchy to perfection at first bite. However, if you're in a rush or do not have an oven handy, you may serve at room temperature. Prop & Peller pretzels are fully baked, you can just thaw and serve. Although you'll be missing the crunch and the fluffiness, they're still delicious — even at room temperature! Avoid Microwave, Pretzels will dry out and get rubbery.

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