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Make offers to diners and keep 100% of the revenue!

Dinevite.me is a new promotional directory platform (and companion mobile app) conceived by veteran restauranteurs, like you, to change the way consumers & restaurants communicate. Connect with1,000s of diners with live offers, or respond to one on one VIP requests. 


You decide, minute to minute, when and what to offer to keep your seats filled while keeping 100% of the revenue. Easy on/off switch keeps you in control. Use it when you need to fill seats, turn it off when you don’t. You can even preset the offers to go live at set days and times and have them repeat. 


Plus, use many built-in tools on the dashboard, included, but not limited to the CRM, Newsletter, polls & trivia content management, user management, stats reports and much more. Visit us at the show to get 6 months FREE during our BETA launch.


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  • What is it?

    DineVite is the latest dining app that is friendly to both restaurants and consumers. Company CEO Eddie Fahmy noted that “we created DineVite to give restaurants a way to attract new customers, manage traffic flow, and, avoid having to pay up to 50% of the revenue to apps. We provide a solution allowing them to keep 100% of their revenues.”

    How does it work?

    It’s simple but different. Restaurants that are signed up to DineVite can offer consumers on the app both standing promotional offers or one-off discounted rates. This whole process is completely discreet too, so restaurants don’t get pigeonholed as “cheap eats” and customers can pay their agreed-upon price directly, without anyone in their dining party aware that they’ve received a deal. 

    And it works both ways. If you’re one of the 45% of diners who go out multiple times a week, then you can save money on one or more of those visits with DineVite because consumers can request discounts from restaurants too. Maybe it’s a mid-week booking or perhaps a late-night meal. Consumers can inquire directly with restaurants about any available deals.

    Behind the tech

    DineVite’s founder and restaurant powerbroker, Eddie Fahmy, created DineVite to give restaurants a way to manage traffic flow and attract new customers, without the restaurant having to pay up to 50% of the revenue to apps.

    DineVite simply connects restaurant venues to consumers and instead of taking a high percentage of each sale from restaurants on the app, DineVite requires only a nominal monthly fee from each establishment.

    By placing value on transparency, DineVite offers a no-strings-attached opportunity and money-saving value for all that’s set to take the nation’s food industry by storm.


    DineVite will announce its launch at the International Restaurant Show (booth 1137) on March 8th 2020. After this date, the DineVite app will be available to consumers to download. Restaurants in the New York City can register with DineVite via www.dinevite.me/partners.

    For press inquiries, please contact Pierce Mattie: Soquigley@piercemattie.com

    About DineVite

    DineVite LLC. was founded by a career restaurant consultant, technology, and marketing professionals Eddie Fahmy, Bruce T. Dugan, Mario Delfino, and Sam Abed.

  • Dinevite.me is launching its restaurant-consumer platform (and companion mobile app) in BETA at the show. You might already be listed in our directory of over 6,000 restaurants, or we can add you in minutes. Just add your profile, claim your page, add your menu and you're ready to begin filling empty seats. and for SHOW ATTENDEES we're providing 6 MONTHS FREE! No obligation, no fine print. 

    Stop by and see us at Booth 1137 and see a quick demo. Not only can you connect with consumers in a new and seamless way,  but you have full control of when and what offers to publish with a simple on/off switch. You're in control!

    Moreover, we've packed many other features into the dashboard, such as a CRM to better manage your customers, especially VIP customers. You can create and manage newsletters, create an manage polls & contests, see stats reports so you can better assess what offers are working, and which are not.  

    And, we have lots of other great features coming soon. 

    Stop by and speak with us and we'll show you how we can empower your restaurant, WITHOUT us trying to become your partner by grabbing a % of your sales. You keep 100% of your revenue.  


  • DineVite
    A new platform for restaurants and consumers to better communicate and interact directly; consumers get great offers and avoid embarrassing coupons/vouchers, while restaurants fill empty seats and retain 100% of the revenue!...

  • Running a restaurant is not easy. Margins are slim. Promo platforms are constantly cutting into your profits. You need a custom-tailored solution to fill tables during slow days or nights; a promotion solution you control with an On/Off switch,  and a way to shout-out and capture new potential or existing customers in the area.

    By using DineVite.me, restaurant owners can take back control of their promotions:

    • Receive VIP requests from thousands of diners
    • Create spot VIP offers in real-time 
    • Set up automatic offers when you know you’re slow
    • Send out spot deals to diners near your restaurant

    COME VISIT US AT BOOTH 1137. Sign up and get 6 months FREE!

    We're launching in BETA at the show, and launching the consumer app later this month, expecting to have 10,000 NYC consumers for you to interact with by June 2020 

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