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The most customer-centric Ai company on the planet.

Our Ai solution makes pos/kiosk more interactive with customers. It remembers customers purchasing pattern and even recommends new menu from Ai engine.Using our Poca platform, we can collect meaningful CRM data such as age, gender and emotion from it can create a better customer experience.We also improve the drive-thru experience using interactive smart signage. Our Poca platform can identify customers by scanning their license plates and synching that information to their opted in customer profile including payment information. These provide personalized, accurate, faster service and greater customer experience.

Brands: AI powered CRM solution for personalized service with customer classification, membership and face payment.


Roborus Poca


  • Roborus Poca
    POCA is robot that can be used in cafes or restaurants and can recommend up to 3 menus to customers which is customizable....

  • POCA is robot that can be used in cafes or restaurants. Our product basically simplifies order process of customers and make ordering time shorter. POCA can recognize customers’ faces when they register for the membership. Then when customer returns, POCA quickly recognize their faces and help customers with ordering their favorite items. Since POCA is a robot, it is more user-friendly than regular kiosk because human interaction features. POCA can move its head and speak customers’ language. Right now, POCA can recommend up to 3 menus to customers which is customizable. Face recognition speed and error rate are important factors when it comes to practical use. Our goal is to recognize customers’ faces less than 3 seconds and have an error rate less than 2%.

  • AI powered CRM
    Business Intelligence software offers useful data for business owners. They can increase sales by knowing their customers, make better decisions by collecting data and increase customer loyalty by enhancing customer experience....

  • By implementing emotion detecting algorithm through face recognition technology based on CNN(Convolutional Neural Network) and providing intelligent ordering system to collect customers' data, identification of returning customers and tailored service for regular customers, we can enhance customers' experience and their loyalty in terms of B2C benefits and deliver extra values for B2B customers(store owners, headquarters) such as AI enabled CRM system and its database to be used for distinctly different marketing automation.

    We developed software platform for robots and kiosks that use computer vision technology to collect customers' data such as facial ID, gender, age, and 7 different emotions. Our proprietary machine learning software collects the customers' key metrics like ordering patterns and spending budgets to understand more about customers. Our goal is to achieve that our machine-learning software platform will be optimized and perfected through accumulating customer's data, where it can be extended into ECO platform to cover service industry. Eventually, Roborus will be at the center of AI enabled CRM solution providing the global standard and domain expert of "Innovative AI Platform".

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