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100%植 is a green international startup based in Taiwan. Our company position is the research development of decomposable green materials. We manufacture compostable tableware and lifestyle accessories. Different products are made from different kinds of materials according to specific properties and needs. For instance, cups, lids, straws or other existing items we use nowadays can be produced and re-designed in our innovative materials

with easier manufacturing process than traditional one. Made out of agricultural waste, our products are compostable and 0% plastic.

We see the problem, and take it as the idea of product designs and development.

Our company is offering a new solution to solve plastic pollution by recycling vegetal materials. To finally achieve the “circular economy” of global vision is exactly the goal that our team has been striving for.

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  • Plant Fiber Straw/ Cutleries
    All of our products do not contain any traditional plastic (PE, PS, PP, PEP, PVC) , it can decompose in six months under the industrial compost facility.
    We use waste to produce our products since we aim to solve waste problems and achieve zero waste.

  • 1. The shield life of sugarcane straws will be 12 months (under sealed condition), depends on the storage environment. Please prevent the straws from direct sunlight, keep them dry, and preserve them under 50°C/ 122°F.

    2. The product COLOR could be different in mass production due to different batch of plant fiber.

    3. The certifications we have for “Sugarcane Straw” are FDA, No 5 Plastic material (tested by PIDC of Taiwan), Gulter-free, EU10/2011, SVHC, DincertCo., etc.
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