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Compaction Technologies, Inc.

For QSR and Fast Casuals using disposable dinnerware, automating your waste handing in the dining room can cut trash bag changes by 85%.  Original ecotrash compactors let your team focus on customers instead of baby-sitting trash cans.  Employees love handling 85% fewer bags during the day and in the evening when it’s time to move trash outside.  Guests love the hands-free deposits and that you’re saving thousands of bags from landfills each year.

For any location dealing with high volumes of restroom paper towels, ecotrash PTC is for you.  It holds 20 times more paper towels than a typical built-in trash can, which means your restrooms will be cleaner and require less attention.  Want to divert paper towels from landfills?  ZeroWaste bins provide a dense, stackable container to store paper towels for recycling or composting. 

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  • ecotrash PTC
    For managing high-volume restrooms, ecotrash PTC compacts 20 bags of loose paper towels into 1 compact bag. That means no more paper towels over-flowing onto the floor and no more constant bag changing. Your restrooms will look great!...

  • ecotrash PTC compacts paper towel waste in public restrooms.  It reduces 20 bags of loose restroom waste into one bag, saving housekeepers time and keeping your restrooms looking great!  Whether built-in to the wall (picture on left) or stand-alone, ecotrash PTC can be the perfect addition to your consumer-friendly, sustainable restroom design.


    To divert restroom waste from landfills, insert ZeroWaste® bins into ecotrash PTC and create a dense, stackable, storable box perfect of recycling, composting, or returning to manufacturers. 

  • Original ecotrash
    Original ecotrash crushes 8 bags of loose trash into 1 compact bag. The motion sensor creates touch-less trash deposits, and compaction cycles are fast and quiet. Our trash bin is on wheels with an extending handle for fast, easy changes....

  • It’s time to re-think trash handling in the dining room.   QSR and Fast Casual trash handling is in the Dark Ages…over-flowing trash cans that are emptied during mealtimes and making guests push-down trash to make room for their trays?  Not a great guest experience.   

    Original ecotrash changes all that by providing your guests with hands-free deposits, and 8 times the capacity means your team empties dining room trash when they want to, instead of when they have to.  One Original ecotrash can replace three old trash cans and can be customized to fit your décor.  The 9 second cycle time, quiet operation, and ETL certification make them fast, quiet, and safe for users of all ages.  Join the thousand QSR and Fast Casual operators who installed Original ecotrash, and give your customers a better experience, your team a better experience, and save thousands of trash bags each year! 

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