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Dorcas Care Products- Innovative, Handcrafted, Customizable.

At Dorcas Care Products, CARING is in our DNA - Care for the Person, their Place, and our Planet.

Our personal care products manufacturing originated with our U.S. Patented elongated washcloth, the Self Suffie. This affordable item enables users of all ages and body size to be self sufficient with just one item at bath time. They can reach all the spots that need to be cleaned from head to toes, front to back and all the nooks and crannies in between - no back brush or second pair of hands (or eyes!) Privacy guaranteed - especially for children of single parents of opposite sex.

WE have since evolved! Our product line now features complementing items that enhance the beauty routine of users or their leisure relaxation. You can mix & match Self Suffie, Reversible Cap, Body Towel Wrap, and Hair Wrap in over 10 colors, varying sizes and combinations options.

Our Products are innovative original items handcrafted in our renewable energy powered resources here in the U.S.A.

Our Work Evidently Fuels Our Passion,

Our Passion is Fully Evident in Our Work.


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Dorcas Care Products - Collections & Options

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  • Dorcas Care line of Products are fully interactive - except for the water.

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  • the Self Suffie elongated washcloth
    A washcloth featuring an Innovative length and pockets designed to help you reach all over at bath time. Easier to use and better than traditional face cloths. Handcrafted from 100% cotton terrycloth fabric, Custom embroidery options....

  • Originally designed for a kid, the Self Suffie has found a way into many homes. Entire family members find it’s easy and possible to clean from head to toe and front to back with a single bath item.It eliminates intrusion and promotes independence, especially with single parents of opposite sex kids – “privacy please”

    the Self Suffie guarantees convenient and effective whole body cleaning at any age and body size,

    • elongated with end pockets and openings for the thumb (patent protected)
    • hand crafted from 100% cotton, quick drying terry cloth fabric
    • American Made from variably sourced components
    • features 6 or 7 inch deep pockets at either end with an opening for the thumb for firm,easy handling
    • a loop of ribbon 6 or 7 ins long is sewn in at one end for holding during use, and hanging to dry after.

    “Protected by U.S. Patent 10,080,469 B2”.

  • Reversible Me-Time Shower Cap
    Luxurious 100% cotton 22 or 25 ins diameter terrycloth caps
    Lined options include waterproof rip stop nylon, water resistant satin / polyester fabric.
    A complementary product to the Self Suffie elongated washcloth for the ultimate luxury experience...

  • Measuring 22 or 25 inches in diameter including 3 – 5 inch deep enclosures, the Reversible 3 in 1 caps

    • enables handling of your glorious tresses while you shower,
    • hold them in check at slumber time, and
    • may even be used as steamer cap – locking in moisture and hair treatment ingredients while you look gorgeous too.

    Each cap is hand crafted in the USA from 100% cotton terry cloth. Lining options vary – water proof nylon to water resistant satin / polyester fabric. You may choose according to your bath/shower preference and direct water jet exposure on your hair.

    Item may be combined with other bath products for “the best gift ever” to self or others.

    Made by Dorcas Care Products to complement the Self Suffie elongated washcloth and other bath products in their gift collection

  • Dynamic Duo - Suffie + Cap
    The Self Suffie elongated washcloth is paired with matching cap made from same luxurious 100% cotton terry cloth. Cap is lined with rip stop nylon, satin or polyester fabric for total or relative water resistance....

  • Your Self Suffie found it’s BFF in this new packaging that will forever make bath time a pleasure for girls – and young ladies - a reversible 3 in 1 shower cap. Both items are made from the same luxurious matching 100% cotton terry cloth. The caps are available in 22 ins or 25 ins diameter lined with waterproof rip stop nylon or water resistant satin/polyester lining fabric.

    The innovative and U.S. Patented elongated washcloth design of the Self Suffie enables total reach at bath time for users.

    Quickly tuck away those lovely tresses in the cap while you put your Suffie to work at bath time. Cap also inverts to lock in hair treatment ingredients while you relax.

    (Users blessed with Abundance of hair may require larger 25 ins diameter cap)

    Dynamic Duo gift packaging is Perfect for budget friendly gifting for your BFF, or yourself.

    Embroidery art work area of 3 x 3 cm included on the Self Suffie front pocket only.

  • Dorcas Care Specialty Hair Wrap
    Innovative DC tubular design with tapered ends.
    At the beach or relaxing weekend, the DC Hair Wrap snugly and securely holds tender locks of hair in place to dry while you tinker at whatever catches your fancy, or catch up on social media....

  • DC Hair Wraps are

    • tubular in design with tapered ends and an
    • opening in the center, allowing hair to be parted in two,
    • each section wrapped in its side of tube before twisting the two ends together
    • securing at the back of the neck using our
    • fastening device uses a loop of ribbon at the nape and approx. 5 inches strips of ribbon sewn into the tapered ends of the tubular design.Pass one or both strips through the loop and easily tie them together to hold the hair wrap in place.Made from 100% cotton terry cloth. Quick drying and machine washable.
      Available in 2 sizes – 45 x 15 inches with a 15 inch opening for children.
      Adult size 55 x 18 inches with 20 inches opening.
  • Dorcas Care – Body Towel Wrap
    100% cotton, terry cloth body towel wrap - another 'Full Luxury Experience' from Dorcas Care Products. Handcrafted in USA. This wrap makes cozy easy. Available in 4 sizes. Monogram included...

  • This Dorcas Care take on personal care comfort complements the self suffie elongated washcloth.

    • Fabricated from 100% cotton terry cloth,
    • Elasticated waist makes it adaptable to a wide size range.
    • Secures tightly in place using 4 strategically positioned fabric tabs.
    • Front ends may be curved or straight
    • Approximately 15L X 52W inches (Small)
    •  25L X 61W inches  (Standard)
    • 25L x 70W (Full),  and
    • 30L X 70W inches (XL)
  • “Tres Magnifique” – Self Suffie + Body Towel Wrap
    Luxurious 100% cotton terry cloth wrap to match our innovative elongated washcloth, the Self Suffie. Available in sizes Small through Big & Tall. Packaged for gifting to self or loved ones. Offer includes a 3 x 3 cm and a 5 x 5 cm area Monogram on items....

  • Perfect for men and women alike, this gift favorite pairs our innovative Self Suffie with luxurious matching body towel wrap. Easy reach 360 degrees bath time convenience extended with a Spa-like comfort item.

    Good for the gym, perfect at the beach or a well deserved, weekend relax mode a la maison.

    Sizes paired according to user height :-

    • Chrn 18 ins  Suffie  and Small Wrap, 15L X 52W inches
    • Reg 20 ins Suffie  and Standard Wrap 25L X 61W inches
    • XL 24 ins Suffie and Full Wrap 25L x 70W inches
    • BT 26 ins Suffie and XL Wrap 30L X 70W inches
  • EXFoliant Suffie - Set of 2 - African Fabric
    Two Self Suffie elongated washcloth fashioned from hand loomed African fabric. The gentle exfoliating ability of the fabric makes it perfect for daily use, preventing dead skin build up. Reusable, travel vinyl bag package of 2....

  • Your skin is the first line of defense against the elements AND is first to be noticed!
    EXFoliant Suffie enables gentle exfoliation, a better way to maintain skin integrity while letting your beauty shine through.

    • Each item is lovingly crafted from traditional handwoven African fabrics.
    • Shiny, shimmering threads embedded in the fabric are invigorating, yet, gentle on the skin.
    • The elongated design enables easy reach all around.
    • The stripped African fabrics are quick drying and ready for next day use.
    • Suffies can be machine washed with like colors and towels.
      Available in one size, about  24 inches finished length of our original design with end pockets.

    “Protected by U.S. Patent 10,080,469 B2”.

    Package of 2 in Reusable Vinyl travel bag – 1 red stripped towel with lime green strap and 1 blue stripped towel with navy blue strap