Cat Snapp Studio

Everett,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 3648

I’m Cat Snapp, the artist behind Cat Snapp Studio. My studio is based in Everett, Washington, a former mill town about forty-five minutes north of Seattle. Cat Snapp Studio started when I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and began making blank journals and greeting cards as a fun side project.  And pretty soon, I realized that my fun side project was much more than that.
My stationery designs are jam-packed with color and bold, wobbly hand-drawn imagery. They’re encouraging, funny and sincere.  When you buy and use my products, I want you to be excited about writing a note or jotting down a thought. 
I hope that by holding something tangible and handmade it highlights a moment in your day that doesn’t involve a screen. And when your mom, or lover, or co-worker two desks down receives one of my cards, I want it to give them joy and make them feel appreciated. Because I put love and joy and sweat and genuine excitement into everything I make for Cat Snapp Studio.
I would love to work together to brighten up your customers’ world one greeting card (and lots more!) at a time. if you’d prefer to view my catalog online, please visit:
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