Studiostone Creative

Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 3860

Studiostone Creative is an innovative artist driven company that introduces people to the art of stone carving. We specialize in hands-on learning and the benefits of the creative process and of course, having fun and meeting with success.

We aren’t just about shaping stones, we’re helping to shape minds by building confidence, developing motor skills, being creative and helping kids play with purpose. As sculptors, we have always embraced the value of thinking with our hands and learning by doing. We also believe that creativity is for everyone regardless of age.

Art, nature and education are the foundation that inspires us to craft great programs and products, but it is the company’s devotion to the art of stone carving that unites and defines their shared vision. Keeping this art form alive and well by promoting stone carving education to both children and adults is very much what we do. We’ve innovated our own process, techniques and custom tools that make everyone’s introduction to the world stone carving fun and meaningful. 

Winners of Best New Product in 2018 at the Seattle Gift Show, we are excited to return in 2019!