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United States
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See Maine Made Wind Bells, the BEST Yankee craftsmanship USA

Since 1975 Jim Davidson created a unique wind bell series to echo the "Haunting Sounds & Magic Memories"® of buoy bells on the oceans waters, mighty rivers and great lakes.  Over the years, daughter Connie & Paul have continued building this original and authentic line by adding the Wilderness Bell Series, Lighthouse Bell series and additional themes along with 100 plus windcatcher designs that will fit any storefront in any part of the country!  Their wind bells are all made with recycled steel and tucked neatly into a uniqe recyclable box!  Pride is taken in providing a very quick turn around of orders and excellent caring customer service.  These wind bells are truly made with keen care and Yankee Craftsmanship on the rugged Coast of Maine, USA!  Point of purchase displays are also made within the North Country Wind Bells establishment.  Consumers gravitate to these displays, listen to and buy the wind bells, coveting a fond memory of a place they have visited.  As the wind bell rings, they recall happy memories!  Call toll free (877) 930 5435 or order wholesale on line at:   Questions?  Call or email us!  Visit our booth at 3222 and get a show special with Free Shipping on prepaid orders of $500 or more!

 Show Specials


  • Utau Meditation Wind Bell®
    . This wind bell has 3 gentle sounds complete with a Bonsai Tree design in the windcatcher. The bell is 11.25 inches in body length. Wholesale price is $32.75. Made with recycled steel and powder coated. Made in Maine, USA...

  • A beautiful wind bell in a deep red in the design of an oriental Temple complete with a Golden Bonsai Tree windcatcher.  Hear the gentle 3 tones of this wind bell to dream a reverie of peace....This bell's name "Utau" means to sing in Japanese.

    Made with recycled steel and packed within a unique recyclable box.  This wind bell measures 11.25 inches in body length and the windcatcher adds approximately 8 more inches.

    Visit to order wholesale on line as well as viewing the 6 other collections and themes offered with over 100 windcatchers designs to fit any storefront in an part of the country!

    Proudly "Made in Maine" USA!

  • Original and authentic Buoy Bells
    The Original and Authentic Buoy Bells echoing the "Haunting Sounds & Magic Memories"® of buoy bells on the ocean's waters, great lakes and mighty rivers. Made in Maine USA!...

  • This series of Buoy Bells® are Original and Authentic, mimicing the sound of the buoy bells on the ocean's waters, mighty rivers and great lakes.  They have a beauitufl resonoant and mystical sound just like the real buoy bells!  Each is made with recycled steel and boxed into a unique triangular box that is recyclable.

    Over 23 distinct sounds named for each port made into a three sided wind bell with over 100 windcatcher designs to choose from. Consumers buy these for the sound, or the name for a place they have visited, choosing the windcatcher to accent their bell for a memory!  There are 6 collections with over 100 windcatchers to choose from to fit any store front in any part of the country!

    North Country Wind Bells® has been in business since 1975carrying the Signature "Made In Maine" tags as America's Best! Jim Davidson, a Maine lobsterman, wanted to capture the beautiful sound of the buoy bells on the water into his rendition of steel and sound.  He spent countless hours on the Atlantic waters, surrounded by the sounds of the sea.  The constant pounding of the waves and the ringing of the harbor bell buoys and gongs inspired Jim to cature these bueatiful haunting sounds to share.  Jim Painstakingly works the steel, until he produces his interpretation of the lovely echos of the harbor bells, with the unique and trademarked deseign we see today.  Jim has since retired, but his daughter Connie, with Paul and their loyal crew, continue the family's fine tradition of quality, sounds and distinctive designs.

    Be sure to visit our booth #3222 and hear and see every one of our many bells and designs!  Free Shipping on prepaid orders of $500 or more!  

  • Pointed Fir of the North Wilderness Bell™
    A true vision of a Northern Fir Tree, this bell has 3 melodic tones with one of many windcatcher choices to choose from, showing here a popular red cardinal...

  • Inspired by by life on our Nation's wilderness, this collection evokes Earth's wild beauty and inner tones.  As the gentle breezes play their tranquil songs, your mind will be transported to the deep wild woods, soothing the mind.  Made from recylced American steel and powdercoated a lush textured forest green to withstand years of weather.  Each Wilderness Bell® includes one interchangeable windcatcher.
  • Lighthouse Bell Series®
    Lighthouse Bell Series® is available in white or black. One windcatcher of your choice is included. All made with recycled steel and powder coated to endure the weathering elements....

  • The Lighthouse Collection is inspired by the historic wooden and stone lighthouses that guided our fishermen, sailors and mariners home to safety.  Today,the lighthouse is a symbol of danger, risk, adversity, challenge and vigilance-guiding the unsuspecting soul to a safe haven.  Two Styles to choose from, the 3 sided or the 5 sided. made from recycled American steel and powdercoated either a semi-flat white of semi-flat black to withstand years of weathering.