Newport Beach,  CA 
United States
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NEW Safety Key, Bottle openers, Keytags, Ice Cream Scoops, Barrel Mugs, Magnets, Clips, Surf, Snow all with incredible graphics.  Every product is customized for your locations.  Low mins, no waiting for overseas.  USA quality.  We are the orginator of each design w/ several new designs each year


  • Safety with Charm
    Safety Key with bijou on keyring....

  • Germs, who needs them?  Safety key will help you avoid germs and virus.  Attached to your keyring the safety key will help open doors, push buttons, use with ATM and help with digital signatures.  Each safey key comes with a stylus and a customized bijou/ charm.  Made from antimicrobial zinc alloy the safety key will actually disinfect itself if a germ or virus get on it.

    Comes in a POP box of 50 units.  Each unit has photo instructions on how to and where to use the safety key.  We will customize the bijou with your namedrop.  Bijous are available in several shapes