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Xplorer Maps creates the world’s finest hand-drawn and hand-lettered illustrations of national parks and other significant historical sites and destinations throughout the world. Every line, letter and icon is unique, custom and original to each new map we render. 

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    IF YOU CAN ORDER 12 hand-drawn, story maps that come in the durable, illustrated tube then you receive a free framed print for display. 


  • Acadia National Park Hand-Drawn 18 x 24 map
    The Acadia National Park hand-drawn, story map is 18" wide by 24" tall and comes in a durbale, fully illustrated tube....

  • First established as Sieur de Monts National Monument in 1916; then changed to Layfayette National Park in 1919; the area did not officially become Acadia National Park until 1929. Encompassing more than 49,000 acres, Acadia sees more than 3.5 million visitors annually.

    All the beauty of Maine comes together as a variety of landscapes (coniferous and deciduous woodlands, lakes, ponds, wetlands and glacier-scoured granite peaks .... and 45 miles of historic carriage roads!) meet the wild ocean coastline and its rocky beaches.

    Native Americans of the Algonquin Nations have inhabited the area we now call Acadia for at least 12,000 years and the Wabanaki Confederacy have held an annual Native American Festival in Bar Harbor since 1989.

  • Lake Tahoe Coaster
    These Xplorer Maps ceramic coasters are highly absorbent, vibrantly colorful and have a cork backing to prevent slipping and scratching....

  • These Xplorer Maps ceramic coasters are highly absorbent, vibrantly colorful and have a cork backing to prevent slipping and scratching.

    Featuring original Xplorer Maps art in fine, full-color detail, the coaster art is pulled from the original hand-drawn map by Chris Robitaille.

    These Alaska ceramic coasters are proudly made in the USA and measure 4" x 4". 

    Formed between 2 & 3 million years ago and shaped in the ice age, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States. Bounded by the Sierra Nevada to the west and the Carson Range to the east, Lake Tahoe is a veritable plethora of stunning topographical wonder with 10,000 ft. peaks looming over crystal clear, arctic blue water. 

  • Alaska Magnets
    These Magnets are designed around the exquisite watercolor art of Xplorer Maps artist Chris Robitaille. Made in the USA, they feature a full magnetic backing for optimum 'stick'....

  • Originally purchased from the Russian Empire in 1867, Alaska became the 49th U.S. state on January 3, 1959. With a land mass larger than Texas, California and Montana and more coastline than the rest of the U.S. combined, Alaska reaches so far to the west that the International Date Line was bent to keep the entire state in the same day.  Alaska is the Westernmost state in the nation, stretching from the Western Hemisphere into the Eastern Hemisphere.  Though the largest in land area with only .9 people per square mile, it is the most sparsely populated U.S. state and one of the least populated places on Earth.

    While known for its diverse terrain of open spaces, amazing scenery, recreational activities and small towns nestled into incredible landscapes, it is North America’s highest peak: Denali at 20,310 feet and the truly magnificent wildlife that captures our hearts and sparks our sense of adventure. From the soaring eagles and lounging puffins to the roaming grizzlies, polar bears and wolves to the sea-faring whales, sea lions and dolphins, whether by air, land or sea it would be hard to experience all of Alaska in a single lifetime.  Yet somehow, Xplorer Maps artist Chris Robitaille has managed to highlight  these amazing features and wildlife in this stunning artistic version of the Alaska State Map.

    Xplorer Maps will donate a portion of all proceeds from the sale of this map to Alaska Geographic, one of our growing list of Public Lands Alliance partners. Please visit akgeo.org to learn more about their mission to connect people to the vast ecosystem and vibrant cultures of Alaska’s public lands.

  • Grand Canyon 11" x 14" pre matted, mini-map
    The Xplorer Maps Mini-Maps are exact replicas of the full scale versions complete with a custom matte. Actual map size is 10" x 8", while full matted size is 14" x 11".


  • The Grand Canyon Map- Representing one of the most truly awesome landscapes of our “Wonders of the World”!

    With its rugged terrain uniquely formed by the chiseling Colorado river, it is without wonder that the Grand Canyon is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Float the great Colorado while learning the rich history of the Grand Canyon and the quest for its preservation with our enlightening and beautifully illustrated Xplorer Map.

    Pre-matted mini-map lithographic prints ship in a cellophane sheeting and are frame-ready.

  • California State Ceramic Mugs
    15oz. Capacity
    High Quality Ceramic Construction
    Made in the USA

  • The Xplorer Maps Mugs are designed around the exquisite map art by Xplorer Maps co-founder and illustrator Chris Robitaille. These ceramic, BPA-Free Mugs are completely made in the USA and hold 15oz. of your favorite brew. These are perfect gifts for national park lovers, map connoisseurs and anyone who’s ever visited these incredible places.

    It is no great surprise that sunny California is known as the "Golden State" be it from the gold rush, the golden poppies that bloom in spring, the golden grass that blanket many a field or the golden sunsets that end beautiful days along its abundant coast line.  Regardless of its originating nomenclature the "Golden State" is undoubtedly and gloriously fitting.

    California’s diverse geography ranges from the Pacific Coast in the west, to the Sierra Mountains in the East – from the Redwood Douglas-Fir forests of the northwest, to the Mojave areas in the southeast. So although it is the most populous in the U.S. there is still a variety of natural wonder to behold in California and Xplorer Maps captures it all in this stunning and picturesque California State Map.

    From the lows of death valley, to the coastline and all the wonders the sea beholds, to the peak of Mt. Whitney - the Xplorer Maps version of this iconic state captures the entirety of that 14,728 foot elevation change with nearly everything in between.  From the Point Loma Lighthouse in the southwest to Mt. Shasta in the northeast, artist Chris Robitaille has done an exceptional job illustrating not only nature's bounty but also the man-made marvels that make the California State Map an exceptional artistic piece.

  • Arches and Canyonlands Notecards
    Xplorer Maps Notecards are replicas of the exquisite watercolor art and/or pen & ink illustrations of Xplorer Maps artist Chris Robitaille. Made in the USA, they are individually wrapped in cellophane with an envelope....

  • Encompassing more than 75,000 acres, Arches National Park is a geologic treasury of contrasting colors, soaring pinnacles, giant balanced rocks and sandstone formations including the largest concentration of natural arches (more than 2,000) in the world.

    Canyonlands National Park was established in 1964 and Horseshoe Canyon, a detached unit of Canyonlands, was added in 1971. The region is renowned for its amazing collection of structures, pictographs and petroglyphs that give clues into the history of the hunter-gatherer and agricultural cultures of 2,000 years ago. Combined, these two Utah parks attract more than 3 million visitors annually.

  • Texas State Wooden Postcards
    These Texas wood postcards measure 6 1/4" wide by 4 1/4" tall and are sold individually...

  • These Xplorer Maps wooden postcards are equally beautiful and environmentally friendly as well as 100% MAIL-ABLE! Proudly made in the USA, they are constructed of sustainable Birch wood and boast a full color front featuring exclusive Xplorer Maps art.

    The nearly 270,000 square miles of Texas boasts everything from vast mountains, canyons, rock formations and caves to lush forests and exquisite beaches - there is literally something for everyone in Texas!

    This Texas State Map encapsulates the breadth and depth of both the natural flora and fauna as well as the rich and complicated human history that has molded the great state.  Artist Chris Robitaille has captured the essence of its wildlife with illustrations from the nine-banded armadillo to the Kemps-ridley sea turtle.  Equally exquisite are the depictions of the Rio Grande, the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend National Park.  Historical icons are also represented from iconic figures Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin to great monuments like the Alamo and the state Capitol.  The Texas state map is truly a piece of historical and contemporary art highlighting the wonders of this amazing state.

  • Montana State Cardboard 1000 piece puzzle
    Full color, 1000 piece, Puzzle 19.25" x 26.75"...

  • Art and a fun all in one!  The 1000 piece Xplorer Maps art puzzles are exact replicas of our unique, hand-illustrated artistic maps exclusively designed for Xplorer Maps.  All map puzzles are 100% made in the USA with the highest quality recycled blueboard.

    These map art puzzles make perfect gifts and souvenirs for the traveler, nature-lover or natural park enthusiast and can be framed for permanent display.  Each puzzle is packaged in a classy matte-finished display box.

    Nestled in the rugged Rocky Mountains, though also boasting vast prairie lands, Montana is quite worthy of its Spanish derived name. Among a myriad of other natural treasures, the Big Sky country boasts two of the nation's most popular national parks in Glacier and Yellowstone. Home to Xplorer Maps, it was our first to be released, highlighting the artist’s ability to truly capture the spirit and imagination of the landscapes, culture, history and wildlife of the “Last Best Place" on earth.

  • 1000 Island, 18 x 24 hand-drawn map
    1000 Island hand-drawn, story map comes in a durable, fully illustrated tube....

  • The Thousand Islands are a group of more than 1,800 islands in the St. Lawrence River, straddling the border of the United States (northern NY) and Canada (southeastern Ontario) stretching about 50 miles downstream from where the river begins at the mouth of Lake Ontario. Along that stretch lay dozens of unique communities ranging from small cities to tiny villages and four-corner hamlets; all filled with rich histories and unique culture on both sides of the border.

    Once a fashionable retreat for the elite in the late 19th century, vacationers have been coming to the 1000 Islands for more than 150 years to enjoy its breathtaking beauty. Waters that were once patrolled by pirates and Prohibition bootleggers are now cruised by cottagers and visiting boaters, who enjoy endless shorelines with serene bays, guided boat trips to historic castles, lighthouses, maritime museums, world-class fishing and diving, quaint downtown shopping, and more.

  • USA hand-drawn, 18 x 24 map
    USA hand-drawn, story map, comes in a durable, fully illustrated tube....

  • The amazing United States of America, as William Guthrie wrote it in 1940, stretches "from California to New York Island, From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters" but also includes the picturesque archipelago of Hawaii and the enormous wild lands of Alaska as well as a handful of U.S. territories scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

    As one might imagine, this vast landscape is incredibly rich in diversity and technically qualifies as a "megadiverse country" or one that harbors the majority of Earth's species and a high number of endemic species. Capturing that, as well as the rich human history in a single map was certainly no easy task. Xplorer Maps artist Chris Robitaille did a splendid job of highlighting both. From the plains fauna like the roaming bison of North Dakota to the slithering alligators of the Florida swamps to the man-made wonders of the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge he captured so many pieces of the great American Pie!

    Experience a taste of the entire United States of America in this one-of-a-kind, 100% custom, hand-illustrated artistic map.  The USA Map is 24" wide by 18" tall.