Nublu Apparel USA

Henderson,  NV 
United States
  • Booth: 2137

Nublu Apparel offers brands such as: American Fido, Trump 2020 Tees, Far Out, Southern Exposure (New) and EZDayz (New). We also excel in custom resort designs that help make your retail outlet a success!! 


  • Political Line
    Some samples of our Presidential line that has over 20 different design options, showcasing the Right Side of Politics....

  • Our Presidential line showcases awesome, humorous, unique, and quality T-shirt designs for supporters to sport. We also have throw-back designs featuring the ReaganBush'84 Campaign as well as Obama and the Kennedy's. Stop by our Booth # 3230 to see what more we have to offer.
  • American Fido Line Wieners
    Our Dachshund line uses a humorous play on words for these designs....

  • The American Fido line is perfect for dog owners and dog lovers. We have shirts featuring Wiener Dogs, Labs, Spaniels, and more! 
  • American Fido Line Patriotic
    American Fido Americana...

  • Our Patriotic American Fido designs are dedicated to the Heros of our Country. They honor the Military, Firemen, and any person of service of America 
  • NuBlu Resort Line
    Name Drop Samples...

  • On all of our designs we offer the option to print a custom name drop on the T-shirt. It could be a left chest logo, on the sleeve, across the bottom of the back design, and in some designs- worked into the graphic itself. This is a great way for customers and travelers to buy wearable souvenirs from your shop as they visit! 
  • Squirrel Line
    "It's all fun and games until someone loses a nut! "...

  • Our humorous squirrel line features furry friends who are all about their nuts!