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Bringing the Korean Value to the US

HiteJinro Beverage USA is a distribution company dealing with items of HiteJinro Beverage company, S.Korea. From Korean traditional Barley tea to environmental frendly paper straw, HiteJinro Beverage USA is committed to bringing the item that best conveys Korean value to US. In the motto of "You are what you drink", HiteJinro Beverage USA believes a good beverage can bring health and happiness to your body and soul. Under this belief, we consider authenticity and health most mportantly when curating our items. With the carefully curated items from Korea, HiteJinro Beverage USA strive to serve the authentic and healthy products at its best.  

Brands: Back to Sea Paper Straw, the strongest safest paper straw that can go back to sea.


  • Back to Sea Paper Straw
    Back to Sea Paper Straw, the strongest safest paper straw that can go back to sea.
    - Made with Kraft Paper and Agar Binding Agent
    - Strong, Safe, Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective....

  • As a top contributor to marine debris pollution, states are requiring business owners to stop using plastic straws. It has become inevitable for business owners to switch to alternative straws, such as plant based plastic straw, reusable stainless or bamboo straw. While most of them require a hassle to recycle or to clean upon every use, the best option to replace plastic straw is to use a good paper straw, Back to Sea Paper Straw.

    1. Strong

    Agar, is a sea plant binding agent. It hardens the surface of the paper and holds up the straw for utmost 7 hours, making it the longest lasting paper straw.

    2. Safe

    Back to Sea Paper Straw is made with all natural Kraft paper and Agar binding agent. Without any chemical, it is safe for patients, elderly and even children to chew on. This makes our straw different from other brands using chemical based glue. 

    3. Eco Friendly

    With no need to recycle, our straw decomposes within 180 days. Buried under soil, our straw releases no toxic to the ground, making it safe for both Earth and us.

    4. Cost Effective

    After countless trials in our factory in S.Korea, we have found a way to provide our straw in an affordable price. Discover how much you can save!

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