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We are excited to share with you our passion for amaranth!

Amarantzi is a California based company that specializes in amaranth products, an ancient grain and staple food for the Aztecs and Incas. Amaranth really is the best alternative for a plant-based, high-protein, gluten-free, snack and/or cereal! Inspired by the traditional alegría (a traditional mexican candy) comes in a rectangular log bar, I realized that it can be messy to handle for babies or toddlers. Because I strive for perfection,  I thought of a more practical presentation. I decided to exchange the bars for bites. It took time to choose the right presentation, the right ingredients, the right packaging, and every single detail was deeply thought out. Driven by passion, by love, by perseverance, by the reverence for my culture and my roots, I am grateful and ready to share with you the joy of amaranth! I hope you take a chance and enjoy the benefits of this amazing food! 

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  • Puffed Amaranth
    Literally, Puffed Amaranth. We puffed the seed of the amaranth and this is the final product! Add it to your fruit, yogurt, smoothie, soup, salad or even ice-cream! Use it as a topping.

    • Ready to eat cereal that can be can be poured into your yogurt, fruit, smoothie, soup, salad or any baking recipe
    • Gluten Free ancient grain rich in fiber with a nutty flavor that was a staple food of the aztecs
    • Complete Protein because contains all essential amino acids in adequate amounts and rich in fiber
    • Superfood deal for Vegans, Vegetarians or Celiacs
  • Instant Amaranth Porridge
    Instant Amaranth Porridge- Just add boiling water or any type of milk and you will have the perfect porridge....

  • This cup is loaded with plant based protein! Just add water or any type of milk, microwave for 1 minute and you will have your delicious Amaranth Porridge, ready to eat it plain or add any fresh or dry fruits, nuts, chia, flax or customize for your needs! If you want to skip the microwave, then just add boiling liquid, cover and wait for 3 minutes
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