Joe Froyo LLC

Upland,  CA 
United States
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JoeFroyo Dairy Innovation - Reimagining Dairy Since 2014

JoeFroyo is a dairy disruptor with a line-up of dairy brands that bust through conventions and traditions to unlock new possibilities for drinking, scooping and pouring white gold. We’re reinventing the rules of what real dairy can be. Lactose free. Nutrient rich. Fresh as all get out. 


It’s Real Dairy, Reimagined.


Cold-Pressed Creamery™ is based on industry-upending technology that produces lactose-free real dairy that is safe, fresh and impressively delicious. Products include a protein-packed probiotic cold brew, a probiotic coffee creamer and the world’s first line of cold-pressed milks.


Crema Smart™ is a laboratory for dairy greatness. We push the bounds of what real dairy can do, in the name of bringing you the dairy innovations you crave. Our line of lactose free ice creams are high in protein, low in calories and BIG on flavor. It’s everything you love about ice cream, just smarter. Our lactose free powdered dairy products (including the world’s first powdered half & half) deliver real dairy creaminess, whether you’re at your countertop or on a mountaintop.


Welcome back to real dairy.

Brands: Crema Smart™ -Lactose Free Ice Creams -Lactose Free Powdered Half & Half -Lactose Free Powdered Whole Milk Cold-Pressed Creamery™ -Probiotic Cold Brew™ -Clean Label Creamer™ -Cold-Pressed Milk (Whole & 2%)


  • Crema Smart™ Lactose Free Ice Cream
    Lactose free real dairy ice cream that tastes so good, you may have to check the label twice. (We mean it – it’s lactose free.) High in protein, low in calories, BIG on flavor....

  • Intelligent Dairy for Intelligent People

    You’re smart. Your food should be too. So we created Crema Smart™ Lactose Free Ice Creams just for you. High in protein, low in calories and BIG on flavor. It’s everything you love about ice cream, just smarter.


    This smooth, creamy, indulgent treat is easy on your stomach – and hard to put down. Available in classic flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, and next-level flavors like Moose Tracks Maximum Fudge and Mocha Almond Fudge. More flavors coming soon!

  • Cold-Pressed Creamery™
    The world’s first line of cold-pressed dairy. Lactose free. Nutrient rich. Fresh as all get out....

  • Cold-Pressed Creamery™ combines traditional dairy flavor with groundbreaking technological innovations to bring you real dairy deliciousness that's lactose free, nutrient rich and fresh as all get out!


    Probiotic Cold Brew™

    A grab-n-go pick-me-up that won’t let you down. Probiotic Cold Brew™ combines caffeine, probiotics & protein for a clean, long-lasting boost that’s perfect before the big meeting or before a big workout. Available in Latte, Mocha and Espresso.


    Clean Label Creamer™

    Supercharge your cup with a creamer that doesn’t just lighten your coffee—it enlightens your coffee. Clean Label Creamer™ is lactose free real dairy plus 7 probiotic cultures. And it’s specially formulated to let your coffee’s natural flavor notes shine through. Because when you’re drinking coffee, you should taste coffee.


    Cold-Pressed Milk

    Lighter-bodied and subtly sweeter than traditional dairy, Cold-Pressed Milk is everything you love about milk, turned up to 11. And for your stomach’s sake, we turned the lactose down to 0. It’s the only dairy protected using high-pressure processing techniques to bring industry-leading safety & farm-fresh flavor right to your dairy aisle. Available in Whole and 2% varieties.

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