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CNSRV WTR Food Defroster Saves Kitchens Water, $, and Time.

Born and raised in Southern California we know a thing or two about water scarcity. It seems like every couple of years we’d hear terms like “historic and severe draught”. We were taught from a young age the importance of everyone doing their part to help conserve water.

While working in the restaurant industry we were exposed to the standard method of defrosting frozen food- letting cold water run over food and go down the drain for hours and hours at a time. Growing up and being told how important it is to conserve water and then seeing all of that water needlessly going down the drain, we knew there was a better way.

We worked for several years developing the optimized defrosting solution for kitchens that adheres to health code standards while saving a tremendous amount of water, money, and time. CNSRV WTR FOOD DEFROSTER is an NSF 51 listed commercial kitchen equipment that has the ability to save each kitchen hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and that is something we are very proud of.

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  • (Jun 27, 2019)
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  • CNSRV WTR Food Defroster
    Save countless hours on frozen food prep, over a 165,000 gallons of water, and thousands of dollars each year with the CNSRV WTR Food Defroster....

  • The CNSRV WTR Food Defroster saves kitchens thousands of gallons of water, saves thousands of dollars on water bills, and saves precious time.

    The CNSRV WTR Food Defroster can be run inside a 24" prep sink or out on a countertop, creating much needed flexibility while prepping the kitchen for service.

    The CNSRV WTR Food Defroster can fit approximately the same amount of frozen food within it as a standard 18" prep sink.

    Save countless hours on frozen food prep, over 165,000 gallons of water, and thousands of dollars each year with CNSRV WTR.

    The old method of cold water defrosting uses over 600 gallons of water each defrosting session. The CNSRV WTR Food Defroster uses an average of only 9 gallons of water while safely and efficiently recirculating and regulating the temperature of the water to cut down water usage, cut down water bills, and save hours of prep time each defrosting session.

    (NSF/ANSI 51 listed. Patent: 10,258,055)

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