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Gynocart is a mobile Gyn examination cart that will allow performance of a complete pelvic examination at the patients bedside. It supports the patient's legs and contains storage for examination supplies, comes with an integrated stool and lamp.  It will reduce wait times for a gyn examination in the ER. When the patient is ready for the exam, wheel the gynocart up to the foot of the bed, lock it into position, have a patient slide her legs onto the stirrups on the Gynocart just as she would do at her Gyn's office.  the examiner opens the doors of the cart, supplies are stored within the Gynocart. A stool and a lamp are integral to the Gynocart and easily deployed. When the exam is completed, the patient slides back onto her bed, the Gynocart is then wheeled away and ready to be used on another patient. This is a cost effective solution for long wait times for Gyn exams and only one or at most two gynocarts are needed for any ER.