Cord Caddy by Evolution Medical Products

Deerfield,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 815

Cord Caddies address/minimize risks from cords improperly secured/stored improving workflow/infection prevention, while simultaneously having dramatic impact on room appearance. Improvements:

  • Faster lead application speed up patient assessment/treatment.
  • Eliminate tangled cords reduce time loss/stress.
  • Better infection prevention cords off floor.
  • Evidence based cleaning cords reused on patients accrue germs, pathogen dissemination occurs when cords are handled by nurses.  Cords cleaned, wrapped & stored is evidence best practice has been followed.
  • Cost savings decrease lost & broken cables.
  • Reduced risk of tripping accidents.
  • Dramatic improvement in appearance of room & message conveyed to patients/staff/families.

Importance of cord management is oftentimes overlooked,  We are committed to enhancing patient care by providing nurses a method for faster, more efficient cord management while simultaneously uncluttering patient rooms.  Cords left tangled, dangling & in disarray compromise image/message/perception of care.  With so much effort spent on enhancing the patient experience we can be better.  Cord Caddy is aligned with this goal.