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Sandhill Scientific is a global medical device design, manufacturing and marketing company providing gastrointestinal diagnostic equipment and therapeutic devices to the market for over 35 years. Sandhill is a recognized leader in the industry, partnering with key opinion leaders across the globe to deliver innovative products to the gastrointestinal market.

 Press Releases

  • Sandhill Scientific today announced the release of Zvu® advanced G.I. diagnostic software, the latest in a long line of innovations in the G.I. space.  Zvu software is designed to simplify the acquisition and classification of high resolution impedance manometry studies.

    Zvu is the latest solution to help physicians diagnose swallowing disorders and perform pre-operative assessments prior to anti-reflux procedures.  The software, based on input from key opinion leaders and users, is designed to help physicians quickly assess and classify swallows.  The simplified software allows customization of views and reports to each user’s preference. “As high resolution manometry has evolved, Sandhill recognized the need to develop an enhanced user experience to simplify the complexities and allow a more efficient use of time and resources, said Stuart Wildhorn, Vice President and General Manager of Sandhill Scientific. Zvu accomplishes this goal in a very dynamic software package.”

    Dr. John Pandolfino, Chief of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital stated, “The Zvu analysis software provides a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates the Chicago Classification into esophageal pressure topography analysis.  The display and analysis windows are easy to use and very intuitive and this system makes the process of identifying landmarks and making high-level measurements simple.  The computer algorithms are also very accurate and provide the user with a confident diagnosis based on the latest iteration of the Chicago Classification.”

    About Sandhill Scientific

    Since 1981, Sandhill Scientific (a Medovations company, Milwaukee WI) has been recognized as a global leader in the field of GI Diagnostics. With a long and rich history in the GI space, Sandhill has produced many of the innovations used today to help enhance the diagnostic yield of reflux and manometry, including the ZepHr® Impedance/pH system and inSIGHT Ultima Manometry Platform.

    With a Technical Research/Development and Training Center in Denver Colorado, the company innovates, blending science and user feedback to make products and technologies for Gastroenterology. See Sandhill’s complete line of GI solutions at www.sandhillsci.com.


  • Aixplorer
    Real-time ShearWave™ Elastography for staging liver disease ...

  • We know that the correct staging of hepatic fibrosis is of critical importance not only for diagnosis, but also for antiviral treatment decision-making. That’s why MultiWave™ Technology brings you impeccable image quality and non-invasive, real-time, quantitative ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™) to better image liver disease.  ShearWave Elastography™ is a 60-second non-invasive exam that provides a quantitative color-coded map to visualize and quantify tissue stiffness during an examination. Liver stiffness increases with the severity of liver fibrosis, making it a key parameter for physicians to determine the advancement of fibrosis.
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