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Treating a fuel operated system involves so much more than just pouring an additive into a tank.  Since 1975, FPPF has acknowledged this well know fact and has continued to keep their fingers on the  pulse of the fuel oil industry.  An FPPF "Preventative Maintenance Program" is a necessity whether you are operating a motor vehicle or storing fuel.  Proper maintenance PROTECTS year-round, PREVENTS formation of harmful acids, tank corrosion, growth of bacteria, fuel line freeze-ups and injector failure to name a few.  FPPF additives are your environmentally friendly, energy assistance programs in a bottle. All of the  FPPF diesel additives comply with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and last but certainly not least the "Killem Fuel Oil Biocide" is an EPA reistered fuel oil bioide.