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Global Partners is a third generation, family founded business with operations throughout the US. Global owns, controls or has access to one of the largest terminal networks in New England and New York. We source and transport petroleum products and renewable fuels through our vertically integrated adaptive distribution network across the US and Canada. We are one of the Northeast’s largest independent owners, suppliers and operators of gasoline stations and convenience stores supplying approximately 1,550 retail service stations.

For over 75 years, Global has served the energy needs of retailers, businesses, and government agencies across more than 20 states. Our customers can expect a dependable source of supply, multiple product options, and superior customer service whenever they partner with us. If you are a regional distributor or have a national footprint, Global is positioned and prepared to fulfill your rack supply requirements with our national supply terminal network.

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 Show Specials

  • Enter your for a chance to win a brand new website for your heating oil business! 

    Leverage the marketing and web design expertise of a Fortune 200 energy company to launch a modern, engaging, and powerful marketing website that will help grow your business in tandem with our best-in-class premium heating oil for years to come. Your custom-designed website ($14,000 value) will:

    • Be ready for launch by Oct. 31, 2020.

    • Be fully responsive on all browsers and devices.
    • Be built using best SEO practices to increase online visibility and improve search
    engine ranking.
    • Include clear and appropriately placed calls to action and lead capture forms.
    • Be capable of displaying all forms of media content.

    • Integrate seamlessly with your existing customer portal or online bill pay vendor. 

    • Include SSL and best-in-class security.

    **This offer is open to all existing Heating Oil Plus dealers, as well as to new customers who will commit to selling Heating Oil Plus for the 2020-21 season (commitment required). 

    To enter, email with the subject line "EEE Show Special," and include your company name and contact information in the body of the email. 

    Each submission will receive an email confirmation that includes an assigned entry number (one entry allowed per company). A winner will be announced on Friday, Sept. 4.

 Press Releases

  • At gas stations, convenience stores and fuel terminals throughout the Northeast, thousands of employees of Global Partners LP have been helping people get the goods, food, and fuel they need throughout the COVID-19 crisis. It is essential work that is keeping communities up and running.

    Global was looking for a creative and personal way to thank these employees for their service. The answer? Creating more than 3,000 handcrafted family meals and provision boxes for its frontline employees.

    Watch the video below to see how we worked with Joshua Smith, our Director of Culinary Innovations, to create and deliver more than 3,000 handcrafted family meals and provision boxes for the Global employees who are helping to keep communities up and running.

    Click here to view video

  • WALTHAM, MA.—A first-of-its kind, seven-week webinar series launched by Global Partners in June brought fuel industry leaders and retailers together around the long-term goal of securing a place in the low-carbon energy landscape of tomorrow. The series, Industry Foresight 2020, attracted more than 600 real-time attendees, with the opening presentation by Global CEO Eric Slifka drawing an audience of 188 live viewers.  

    To see more detailed information and access a sampling , please visit Products section. 

  • Global Partners is pleased to announce that we are shifting our distillate business from the Magellan New Haven terminal to Global @ East Haven NHT TP – commonly known as “The Goat Farm” – located at 119 Frontage Road, East Haven, CT. This leased storage opportunity will enable us to offer a more robust selection of high quality distillate products in the New Haven market. Product offerings will include heating oil, Heating Oil Plus®, Bioheat® blends, diesel, DieselOne® diesel/kero blends, and kerosene. Global will begin marketing at this recently built, conveniently located rack at the end of August 2020. We anticipate a smooth transition for all current customers and will be offering prompt, convenient purchasing via the GlobalCONNECT online platform. For more information, contact John McCusker at or 781-398-4417.


  • Diesel One®
    For over 30 years, Global has supplied diesel products, including our premium and proprietary Diesel One® brand. Diesel One® premium-grade fuel is formulated to meet the highest standards, keep fuel systems clean, and extend engine life....

  • "We pick up Global’s premium diesel, Diesel One® because engines are more sensitive and sophisticated.  We choose to use a premium fuel to keep them running clean and efficiently all year. "  -   Frank, Edgemont Oil LLC, Merrimac, MA

    With the policy directives currently being placed on refiners  and OEMs, Global’s proprietary high-performance diesel fuel, Diesel One® has been reformulated to address the compatibility concerns associated with today’s ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and advanced engine technology.

    Since the emergence of ULSD, the transition to High Pressure Common Rail direct-fuel injection systems has plagued diesel vehicles with a number of issues, including injector failures, filter plugging, loss of power, and reduced fuel economy. More recently, fuel injection systems with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) are increasingly more problematic.

    Reformulated Diesel One® is field tested and proven to help prevent these problems, to restore efficiency, performance, and uptime, while minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

    The Diesel One® brand builds upon Global’s longstanding legacy of providing superior technology, performance, and service to propel our business and the businesses of our valued customers and their partners downstream.

    Every gallon of Diesel One® includes:

    • Advanced diesel detergent
    • Corrosion inhibitor
    • Synthetic lubricity improver
    • Thermal and oxidative stability enhancer
    • Custom cold flow improver (winter blend only)
    • Jet fuel type de-icer (winter blend only)

    Consistent use of Diesel One® offers the following benefits for all diesel engine applications:

    • Helps maintain fuel consumption
    • Keeps injectors clean, optimizing performance
    • Increases stability of fuels
    • Water control mechanism
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Longer engine life
    • Maximum cold weather operability

    For additional information and resources, please click here 


  • Heating Oil Plus®
    Our Heating Oil Plus® premium fuel conditioner is formulated to keep tanks clean and today’s fuel stable. Heating Oil Plus® reduces after-hours service calls which keeps customers satisfied, technicians happy, and service contracts more profitable.


  • "Several years ago we were having our fair share of no heat calls due to dirty oil filters, plugged strainers, and fouled nozzles.  Since switching to Heating Oil Plus® the nuisance no heat calls are few and far between.  Additionally, we are finding that the majority of fuel filters we change during the regular annual maintenance are light grey in color after a year or more of being in service. "   -  Paul Carangelo, Booma Oil, Lynn, MA

    Heating Oil Plus® aligns with Global’s commitment to lead the heating oil industry in its resolution to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 through the increase of low-carbon liquid fuels throughout our terminal network. With its unique tri-stabilizer package, Heating Oil Plus® improves the performance and reliability of traditional heating oil, ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), and biodiesel blends, or Bioheat Fuel, up to 20 percent.

    Today, in addition to assessing our terminal assets to determine how to make ULSHO-biodiesel blends available at all of our locations, we are studying harbor fuels to understand what, if any, Heating Oil Plus® formulation changes will be required to meet the demands of the New England Fuel Institute’s resolution to move the industry to B50 by 2030.

    With Heating Oil Plus® backed by our technical support team and proud legacy of proactively protecting our customers from changes in the fuel slate, we can help you to safely establish a Bioheat Fuel program this season, or guide your seamless transition to higher biodiesel blends and a sustainable business for the future.

    Every gallon of Heating Oil Plus® contains:

    • Metal deactivator
    • Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Tri-stabilizer
    • Dispersant
    Consistent use can provide the following benefits:
    • Treatment cost is a mere fraction of a cent per gallon.
    • Unscheduled service calls are reduced, which protects service contract revenue.
    • Customer loyalty is enhanced by reducing fuel related “no heat” calls.
    • Comprehensive technical and marketing support is provided.
    • Blending at the rack eliminates the expense of handling additives and possible over or under treatment of product.

    Heating Oil Plus® is available exclusively from Global Companies LLC and Global Montello Group Corp. In addition to rack blending, Heating Oil Plus®is also available in pails, drums or by precise truck mounted injection as it is delivered to customers.

    For additional information and resouces please click here

  • SubZero®
    SubZero® provides a highly economical way to assure winter flow of heating oil when the temperature drops....

  • Use of SubZero® additive:

    • Can lower pour point by as much as 40°F ¹.

    • Improves fuel lubricity.

    • Disperses water to help reduce the formation of ice in fuel oil.

    • Safely helps to reduce fuel filter and fuel line plugging using a non-alcoholic jet aircraft de-icer chemistry.

    SubZero® is available in case lots of 12 – 16 oz. bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums exclusively from Global Companies LLC and Global Montello Group Corp. The recommended treatment level is 16 oz. Subzero® additive per 250 gallons of heating oil. Download the SubZero® Flyer.

    If you are interested in learning more about SubZero® Pour Point Depressant, please contact by email at, or the Global Marketing Department by email or by phone at 800-685-7222.

    ¹ In a performance study, the pour point protection of heating oil being evaluated was increased from two to two and half times product that was not treated (e.g. from -20°F to over -40°F).

  • Global Fleet Card
    Global’s fleet card programs give you the best regional coverage in the Northeast with greater control, enhanced security, and superior service.


  • A powerful way to manage fuel costs, with a single program for your entire fleet.

    Maximize convenience, control, and flexibility in fueling your fleet. Global’s fleet card programs come with cost savings, enhanced security, and superior service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Our fleet cards:

    • Are accepted at all Global locations, and more than 300,000 locations nationally.

    • Offer savings of up to 6 cents per gallon.

    • Allow you to earn valuable rebates when you fuel at a Global location.

    • Additional savings at non-Global sites.

    • Come with no set-up, monthly, or annual fees.

    • Require driver ID and odometer reading at the time of purchase for ultimate security.

    • Can be customized to match your needs.

    Enable you to specify limits with online controls that include:

    • Multiple transactions per day.

    • Off-hours transactions.

    • Day of the week.

    • Dollars per day.

    • Dollars per transaction.

    • Gallons per transaction

    Contact us today, so we can tailor a fuel card program specially designed for you:

    Please call 866-YOU-FUEL (866-968-3835)  or email to for additional information.


  • Diesel High Speed Fueling Sites
    Global Partners offers high speed diesel facilities throughout the Northeast...

  • Global Partners offers high speed diesel facilities throughout the Northeast. Most of Global’s High Speed Diesel sites offer bulk DEF and process COMDATA, COMcheck, TCH, EFS, Fleet One, and other major fleet programs.

    Please contact Pete Shea at 860-428-2233 or email for additional information.

    To view our high speed diesel fueling facilities click here for location finder.

  • National Fuel Supply
    We serve our customers’ supply needs through one of the largest terminal networks of petroleum products and renewable fuels in North America....

  • Through our national supply terminal network, as your trusted supply partner, we provide security of supply and market-based pricing of petroleum products and renewable fuels across the U.S. and Canada.

    We offer Unbranded and Mobil Branded (BFA) supply and a variety of pricing structures:

    • Spot rack pricing

    • Index-based pricing (Argus or Platts)

    • OPIS-based pricing

    • Prompts/Custodies

    • Fixed forward pricing

    • Other mutually agreed upon pricing structures

    In our service to clients we offer TABs and 24/hour operational support at all terminals to ensure product is available when your truck arrives. We also offer an online portal, the GlobalCONNECT portal, which enables customers to source prices, BOLs, invoices, contracted volumes, and more.

    Together with our Global Partners Terminals, we have access to one of the largest terminal networks and we are a leading wholesale distributor of petroleum products in the region.

    For more information see our interactive map of products and terminals.

    National Supply Terminals Contact

    Phone: 781-392-3197

  • Global Connect ™ Customer Portal
    The online, mobile-friendly platform that puts buying, bidding, and contract management at your fingertips....

  • GlobalCONNECT™ is your one stop shop to help manage your business with Global Partners LP. GlobalCONNECT™ offers a singular site for all your account information and market prices to help you make the best decisions to grow your business. With our 
    Buy Now feature, you can take advantage of the intra-day market price moves with easy online ordering direct from your home computer, or using the GlobalCONNECT™ App on your phone.

    With GlobalCONNECT™ you can:

    • Access Pricing Information for both current day and historical prices

    • Review and Print BOLs, Invoices, and EFT information for easy back office reconciliation

    • Leverage Global’s real-time buying platform and take advantage of the daily market with the BUY NOW feature to place a market order, or make a bid

    • Manage existing contracts to better track performance on these deals

    GlobalCONNECT™ Online

    All these features are available on the Mobile App available in Android or IOS marketplace. You can access your invoices, BOLS, Prices, and easy online ordering for on-the-go prompt purchases direct from your phone.

    Global Connect™ Contact

    Marketing Department
    Phone: 800-685-7222

  • Alltown Fresh™
    People shouldn't need to sacrifice healthy for convenience. In addition to fuel for their vehicles, Alltown Fresh™offers local communities healthy, fresh food choices, and made-to-order meals including organic, natural, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian....

  • Our story is really your story. It's a story about people’s eating preferences trending towards healthy, fresh food. As a customer-driven company, we decided to launch a new brand to meet the needs of people who don’t want to sacrifice healthy, fresh food choices for convenience.

    Introducing Alltown Fresh™, the first fresh convenience market in America, offering local communities healthy, fresh food choices and made-to-order meals -- including organic, natural, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and locally sourced alternatives -- all in a rush free environment where neighbors can hang out with one another. Whether you’re looking for a clean, healthy meal to feed the kids as you race between games or a quick vegan bite for yourself before you head into that concert, Alltown Fresh™ serves up fare with a focus on fresh.

    In addition to fresh food choices, Alltown Fresh™ is proud to offer gas/diesel, a café, coffee, outdoor seating, groceries, craft beer (when permitted), wifi, pet relief areas, traditional snack options, phone and electric car charging stations.

    For additional information, please email to ​

    Please click here to visit Alltown Fresh™

  • Global Webinars Industry Foresight 2020
    Global's innovative ,ground breaking webinars are available here ....

  • WALTHAM, MA.—A first-of-its kind, seven-week webinar series launched by Global Partners in June brought fuel industry leaders and retailers together around the long-term goal of securing a place in the low-carbon energy landscape of tomorrow. The series, Industry Foresight 2020, attracted more than 600 real-time attendees, with the opening presentation by Global CEO Eric Slifka drawing an audience of 188 live viewers. The entire program is listed below, with links to recordings to two of them; To request a recording of the other events, contact your Global sales rep at 1-800-685-7222. Full event descriptions can be found at

    Week One | June 4 "Turning Hindsight to Foresight" Eric Slifka, CEO, Global Partners

    Week Two | June 11 "Managing Disruption" Paul Nazzaro, President, Nazzaro Group

    Week Three | June 18 "Thriving in a Low-Carbon World" Michael Trunzo, Shenker Russo & Clark Joe Uglietto, Diversified Energy Specialists Drew Carlson, Gov’t Relations, Global Partners

    Week Four | July 2 "The Technical Advances of Bioheat" Mark Smith, Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc. Mario Bouchard, VP, Granby Industries Bob O’Brien, Technical Consultant, NORA CLICK TO VIEW

    Week Five | July 9 "Diesel Fuel: Good, Better, Best" Scott Fenwick, Technical Director, NBB Teresa Alleman, Senior Scientist, NREL CLICK TO VIEW

    Week Six | July 16 "State Leadership Roundtable" Rocco Lacertosa, NYSEC Kris DeLair, ESEA Michael Ferrante, MEMA Roberta Fagan, EMARI David Chu, CEMA Moderator: Drew Carlson, Global Partners

    Week Seven | July 30 "Federal Affairs" Donnell Rehagen, CEO, NBB Kurt Kovarik, VP, Federal Affairs, NBB Jim Collura, VP & Director of Gov't Affairs, NEFI

    “The program was timely, informative, and most importantly, unifying for our industry at a moment when we need to show a united front in the face of the many challenges we are up against. Thank you Global for your continued leadership, for understanding the needs of your customers, and by working to meet those needs through meaningful action.” - Charlie Uglietto, Cubby Oil, Somerville, MA

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