Laars Heating Systems  

Rochester,  NH 
United States

Laars Heating Systems: US boiler & water heater manufacturer

Laars Heating Systems is headquartered in Rochester NH, USA where all design, testing and manufacturing of Laars products occurs. We take pride in our US manufacturing facility and have invested in our manufacturing infrastructure and processes to make sure the highest quality products are shipped to you.

We believe having advanced training available for those that install and service our products is very important. We invite you to visit our state of the art training facility where our boilers can be live fired in a ‘hands-on’ learning environment. Visiting contractors and engineers train with Laars applications experts and our engineering teams.
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Laars products are widely used in space heating, radiant floor heating, water heating and industrial process markets covering a range of 50,000 to 5,000,000 BTU's, utilizing either natural gas or liquid propane fuels. Laars meets the needs of today's more demanding heating systems applications with over 20 different heating products and supporting accessories. For your home, business or commercial heating needs Laars products are the quality choice.

We are truly Built to be the Best ®

Brands: Residential: Mini-Therm | Mascot Series | NeoTherm | Laars-Stor Commercial: MagnaTherm | OmniTherm | Pennant | Mighty Therm2 | UHE | LaarsPlate Pool Heating: Pennant | Mighty Therm2 | Mighty Therm-AP


Laars NeoTherm Boiler or Volume Water Heater
Laars-Stor Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater

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  • Laars-Stor Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater
    Laars-Stor SS tank and heat exchanger coil are designed to prevent corrosion and maximize heat transfer to deliver the hot water your application needs. Pair the Laars-Stor SS with a Laars NeoTherm boiler for an ideal hydronic system solution....

  • Designed to deliver durability, superior performance and fast recovery.

    The Laars-Stor® Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater utilizes a superior grade of stainless steel for the tank and the heat transfer coil.  This construction is lightweight and also resists pitting while minimizing inter-granular stress corrosion.  The Laars-Stor SS models provide superior thermal conductivity for higher efficiency.

    • Passivated 444 stainless steel alloy tank and heat exchanger with superior corrosion protection.
    • 1” O.D. stainless steel heat exchanger coil – low restriction minimizes pressure drop.
    • 2” non-CFC foam insulation covers the sides and top of tank, for rigidity, improved efficiency and less energy consumption
    • Front boiler connections for easier installation
    • Includes T&P valve and aquastat with stainless steel well
    • Factory installed sediment reducing inlet tube reduces sediment build up
    Pair the Laars-Stor SS with a Laars NeoTherm boiler for an ideal hydronic system solution.
  • Laars NeoTherm Condensing Boiler
    NeoTherm is a direct vent, sealed combustion, condensing boiler boasting 95% efficiency that modulates with a 5:1 turndown. Zero clearance to combustibles and the convenient top connections make NeoTherm perfect for tight installations....

  • A New Generation of Warmth

    In older designs, the heat trapped in the boiler flue gas would go up the chimney instead of heating your home.  Our technology releases the heat stored inside the exiting flue gas to increase efficiency!

    When the flue gas contacts the NeoTherm’s stainless steel heat exchanger it begins to condense, releasing stored heat.

    Heat released by condensing is combined with the heat from the burner flame.

    The result is 95% of the available heat is transferred to your home – up to 30% more energy versus older low efficiency designs – saving the homeowner money!

    • Energy Star Rate – Most efficiency 2020
    • Flexible Installation – top connection for piping and vent connection
    • Reduce Gas Bills by modulating from 20% to 100% of full fire
    • Advanced, easy-to-use controls

    Use the high efficiency heat output of the NeoTherm boiler combined with a Laars-Stor indirect tank and save even more money on your domestic water heating as compared to conventional systems.

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