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Welcome to the National Oilheat Research Alliance.

The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) was established by an Act of Congress in 2000. Through a referendum of the industry, NORA was put in place in 2001. Since then, NORA has been the leading voice for the oilheating industry and its consumers.
Two of NORA’s most impactful industry initiatives are:

  • The ongoing elevation of industry technical education that includes an online “learning” website that allows and encourages technicians to continuously upgrade their level of expertise to provide consumers with the most efficient, reliable, clean and safe heating available. Download the Training & Education Brochure.
  • The industry transition from a fossil-fuel-based product with sulfur levels of 2,000 ppm to a product with essentially no sulfur (less than 15 ppm) blended with biodiesel. This has led to a very clean, partially renewable fuel with a reduced carbon footprint while lowering greenhouse gases, and reducing the service demands of the heating equipment.

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 Press Releases

  • The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has added three new online courses to its training center at Two of them, Advanced Heating Fuel Storage Tanks and Advanced Efficiency, are components of NORA’s technician Gold Certification program and offer six continuing education credits (CEU) each. The third, Bioheat® Technical Guidance offers one credit.

    Advanced Heating Fuel Storage Tanks and Advanced Efficiency join Advanced Hydronincs as online courses providing three of the requisite four advanced Gold Series courses necessary to upgrade to NORA Gold Certified Technician status.

    According to NORA’s President, John Huber, “It is important for technicians to have the ability to upgrade their certifications online. With the addition of these Gold courses, we are very near that goal.” NORA anticipates adding two more Gold courses in the coming months.

    “Video courses are an efficient and popular way to put important training material in front of as many technicians and students in the field as possible. They are free to the user and now that travel is restricted and many industry conferences have been cancelled, online courses are a great solution to maintaining certifications and gaining knowledge,” said NORA’s Director of Education, John Levey.

    These three courses join the library of courses already on the site. These cover topics from equipment service to oil delivery to tank installation.

    To access the courses, a technician or student must have an active user account at
  • For the first time, the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) and Eurofuel (European Heating Oil Association) will host a virtual conference on liquid heating fuels in a carbon constrained world. Manufacturers of heating equipment, liquid fuels now in the market and potential fuels of the future will share their ideas and what steps they are taking to be ready for this future.

    Moritz Bellingen, Chairman of Eurofuel, stated “For many years, individuals from the United States have traveled to Europe to participate in our meetings, and I have traveled to NORA conferences in the United States. The COVID-19 crisis makes international and even national meetings difficult, so we decided that we would take that difficulty and turn it into an opportunity. For the first time, our members and partners will meet and talk with their U.S. counterparts over several days and compare ideas and technological advancements.

    The Conference will be hosted on four consecutive Wednesdays in August and September (August 19 & 26 and September 2 & 9) with each session being approximately 3 hours. The sessions will begin at 9 a.m. Daylight Savings Time U.S. and 3 p.m. in Europe (UTC+1).

    On the first day of the Conference, August 19, there will be a review of the policy actions being taken in the states of the United States and the countries of Europe including: How the goals of decarbonization will affect the liquid fuels industry and How other aspects of the industry from the producers of fuels to end users of the fuel will respond. Additionally, the visions for industries in both countries will be reviewed.

    On August 26, the conference will focus on actions to respond to carbon reduction activities. The views: electricity is the solution to everything; how to subsidize conversions to heat pumps; tax schemes to reward or punish energy based on its carbon intensity and incentives for improvements will be examined.

    September 2 will see the conference transition to a focus on the technical changes empowering the liquid heating fuels industry to move forward. Discussions of biodiesel (FAME) and renewable diesel (hydrogenated vegetable oil) will examine supply and which fuel will likely be the predominant fuel of the future as well as technical issues associated with the fuels. This session will also explore the exotic fuels of the future—liquid fuels made from cellulose and from electrolysis.

    The wrap-up day of September 9 will focus on the hardware of heating. What are the potential design and regulatory limits of using fuels? And more importantly, what are the world’s leading manufacturers doing to ensure that liquid fuel heating equipment will participate in that future? Will we see integrated solar heating fuels systems or liquid powered heat pumps? The day will conclude with the issuance of a multi-year study from NORA evaluating efficiency gains from the replacement of older equipment with high performing new equipment in homes in the United States. The study will show how important accelerating the turnover of equipment is to reducing carbon emissions.

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  • NORA Technician Certification
    NORA offers three levels of certification – Bronze, Silver and Gold

  • NORA offers three levels of certification
    Bronze, Silver and Gold

    1. Bronze Certification is designed for those wishing to learn the fundamental skills required to become a Service Technician. This certification is the first step toward a rewarding career as an Oilheat Service Technician.  more about Bronze
    2. Silver Certification is designed to recognize those technicians who demonstrate technical competence. To earn Silver Certification, the technician must have a minimum of three year service experience and pass a comprehensive exam.  The exam is based on the  Oilheat Technicians Manual  which can be purchased the at the NORA store in both print and online versions . more about Silver
    3.  Gold Certification is designed to enable technicians to move beyond basic installation and repair and achieve the highest certification available in the Oilheat industry. To achieve Gold status, Technicians are required to have a NORA Silver certification, a minimum of five years experience working on Oilheat systems and to complete of a minimum of four Advanced Training modules . more about Gold
    NORA's Learning Website...


    NORA's online training website ( is where technicians of any certification, or no certification, can access online training videos and manage their certifications.

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are necessary to maintain certifications and  getting to live classes is not always possible, NORA has assembled a library of online video courses with accompanying quizzes that offer CEUs. Access to these is simple, and upon completion, credits are instantly awarded.

    Managing a certification is simple, as each user’s account shows all certifications and CEUs earned.

    All NORA certified technicians already have an account. If you don’t have an account, setting-up a new one is easy. You only need an email address and a NORA technician ID. The ID format is the same for everyone, the last four numbers of your Social Security number followed by the first four letters of your last name (e.g. 1234smit).

    NORA encourages all oilheat technicians to have an account.The site is free as it is fully funded by the NORA assessment fees.

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