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Noritz has been an innovator in the water heating industry for over 60 years. We introduced the first modern, electronically controlled tankless water heaters in 1981 and we remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today.


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  • Groundbreaking NRCB Combination Boiler Unit Heats Space, Water Simultaneously

    Combination boilers that provide both water- and space-heating have become a compact, Noritz NRCB_litsideenergy-efficient option for homeowners wishing to save energy and reduce their count of necessary appliances.

    To date, all combination boilers on the market have operated in such a way that only water or space can be heated at any given time—never simultaneously. Although in many applications this hasn’t been an issue, some homes retain heat less efficiently, so that occupants may notice a dip in the ambient temperature when domestic hot water is in use.

    Noritz has solved that potential problem by unveiling the NRCB—the first combination boiler capable of heating both water and space at the same time.

    Heat what you want, when you want

    Simultaneous heating marks a new standard in combination boiler design. It includes the full energy-saving power of a tankless water heater: no tank, no storage, no unnecessary heating of water when you’re not around. At the same time, its boiler heats your home at a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). Since these functions can now be run simultaneously, you need not worry about any post-shower shivers due to the space temperature decreasing.

    Get great tankless water heater rebates

    The NRCB’s fuel-saving performance allows it to meet “Energy Star Most Efficient” standards, which represent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest efficiency rating. It has also achieved Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certification. These distinctions qualify it for various state energy rebates, which will help offset the cost of switching to a combination boiler.

    You can use the following online database to find local rebates:

    Also worth noting are the NRCB’s low emissions (14 parts per million) that exceed expectations in all states, including California, which has the most stringent regulations.

    Noritz uses high performance components in the NCRB

    The NRCB is also the first combination boiler to use 316L copper primary and secondary heat exchangers, which have higher corrosion resistance than traditional heat exchangers. The payoff: increased durability and a longer lifespan. The product includes a 10-year warranty on heat exchangers, five years on parts, and one year on reasonable labor.

    In addition, a flow control valve, unique to Noritz combination boilers, ensures a consistent temperature for domestic hot water, regardless of the incoming water temperature. As a result, you’ll enjoy greater domestic hot water flow and more precise temperature stability.

    In addition, auxiliary pump connections, outdoor reset control and recirculation capability are all built-in, thus minimizing the number of separate accessories that must be purchased to perform those functions. Everything is right there in a compact, 100-pound unit.

    The NRCB takes the best features of both boilers and tankless water heaters, combining them into one unit without sacrificing performance. Why have two appliances when you can have one that does the job of both more efficiently?

    Learn more and/or find out how to install one in your home at

  • Redesigned dual heat exchangers, now made as a single component, blend various high-grade stainless steels to resist cracking at higher temperatures. Built-in exhaust non-return valve assures safe operation and cuts labor costs.

    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF. — The newly upgraded NCC199CDV Commercial Condensing Water Heater from Noritz America offers an industry-best, 10-year warranty on its redesigned dual stainless steel heat exchangers. Now uniquely produced as a single-piece structure for easier servicing, the new heat exchangers also incorporate substantial improvements in corrosion resistance (100 percent) and heat-shock durability (200 percent).

    The re-engineered NCC199CDV also features an industry-leading Uniform Energy Factor of 0.97 and a now fully integrated exhaust non-return valve that speeds and simplifies common venting for up to six heaters without the need for additional accessories. Because the valve is built into the heater, operational safety is assured, and installation time and cost are reduced.

    As with the predecessor model, unveiled in 2017, the upgraded NCC199CDV offers a maximum input of 199,900 Btu per hour; a capacity range of 0.29 to 11.1 gallons per minute; water temperatures from 100°F to 185°F; and a thermal efficiency rating of 98 percent /0.97 UEF. The new NCC199CDV can also direct-vent, using either 2-inch or 3-inch PVC, CPVC, or rigid polypropylene materials. However, vent lengths have been extended: 65 feet for 2-inch pipe, up

    from the previous 60 feet; and 150 feet (instead of 100 feet) for three-inch pipe. The units can also be installed outdoors or on a rooftop with an optional vent cap.

    Up to 24 NCC199CDV units can be linked together in a single system, using a Multi-Unit System Controller, to meet the hot-water needs of high-volume commercial and industrial applications: restaurants, schools, assisted living facilities, breweries, hospitality, correctional facilities, factories, etc. The controller offers the most control options on the market, including aqua-stat and timer pump controls plus application settings for recirculation loops and supplemental storage tanks. Inputs can range from 18,000 to 4.8 million BTU/h (for a 24-unit multi-system), yielding up to a 266:1 turndown ratio. An optional Quick-Connect cable is available for connecting two units.

    “When Noritz introduced the NCC199CDV in 2017, we targeted two key improvements in commercial tankless technology: higher durability through dual, all-stainless-steel heat exchangers; and improved installation efficiencies through common venting,” explains Jason Fleming, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Today, the newly redesigned NCC199CDV builds on those twin objectives with ground-breaking improvements in both areas.”

    Built-in Exhaust Non-Return Valve: Integrating this critical valve into the water heater should cut job-site labor by as much as 25 percent by sparing the installer the task of having to locate the valve externally between the water heater and the common-vent header. Another important advantage: Eliminating the external valve allows for lower-profile venting.

    “The conventional, external approach requires the header to be set a minimum of 18 inches above the heaters,” says James Facer, Noritz commercial national account manager. “Reducing that clearance to less than nine inches boosts system design flexibility and makes for a much easier install, especially in the highly confined and crowded spaces of mechanical rooms.”

    Meanwhile, the built-in valve gives system designers and installers, as well as building owners peace of mind that the harmful exhaust gases of one water heater cannot backflow into another that is not operational because it isn’t needed or is undergoing maintenance.

    “When common-venting multiple units, the biggest concern is safety,” says Facer. “Integrating the exhaust non-return valve into the NCC199CDV minimizes concern that the vent job has been done incorrectly.”

    Heat Exchanger Warranty: The 10-year heat exchanger warranty (plus one year on labor) — up from five years for the predecessor model — is the direct result of the new proprietary design. The upgrade involves a unique blending of several types of high-quality, ferrite and austenite stainless steel — rather than relying on only one, as is the case with most stainless-steel heat exchangers.

    For example, stainless types SS 304 and SS 316L offer excellent corrosion resistance. Which is why the NCC199CDV confines them to those sections that are in contact with the acidic condensate produced by the combustion process, thereby doubling the corrosion resistance of previous models. But Noritz has found that these two types lack the ideal tensile strength to handle super-high temperatures repeatedly. To prevent cracking under such extreme conditions, thereby boosting heater durability, the redesigned heat exchanger incorporates two other types of stainless steel — JFE434LN2 and NSSC220ECO — in the sections with potentially high thermal stress. These improvements in design and materials have yielded a 200 percent increase in heat-shock durability, as compared with previous models.

    “The idea,” says Facer, “is simply to employ the right stainless materials in the right sections of the heat exchanger to maximize the life cycle of the product.”

    In a further improvement, Noritz in its manufacturing process now fuses the two heat exchangers into a single component. The logic here is labor-savings: A service technician will find it simpler and easier to remove and replace a single heat exchanger body, rather than having to remove and then reassemble two separate parts.

    Other key features include:

    ● Compact design: The NCC199CDV is only 70 pounds, 11 fewer than its predecessor, thanks largely to the inclusion of the new, lighter stainless materials. (The previous edition used only SS 316L.) The compactly designed heater can be easily wall-mounted. Mounting brackets line up with the top of the unit, enabling installers to more easily position it on the wall.

    ● Racking capability: The ability to combine (or “rack”) multiple units offers peace of mind through redundancy: If one unit requires servicing, others can continue to provide hot water.

    ● Ultra-low-NOx, modulating Eco-Burner: The premix, fully modulating burner has a nitrogen-oxide emissions level of only 14 parts per million, far exceeding the South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement of 20 ppm. The use of a Venturi gas valve optimizes the air/fuel ratio to continuously match energy consumption to present demand with pinpoint accuracy. If the burner’s intake is blocked with debris, so that oxygen levels

    are sub-optimal, the Venturi valve will still blend the correct amount of gas to yield proper combustion. The result: better efficiency and safer operation with fewer moving parts.

    ● WiFi-enabled: Compatibility with the Noritz Connect app allows the user wireless remote control of heater functions, as well as diagnostic and maintenance reminders. The NCC199CDV can be integrated with building management and automation systems (BMS and BAS) found in many modern commercial applications, such as schools and office buildings.

    ● High-altitude performance: The NCC199CDV can perform at an altitude of up to 10,000 feet in both LP and NG gas types.

    ● Safety Devices: The NCC199CDV has several built-in safety devices, including a flame sensor, overheating and lightning prevention devices, freeze protection, and neutralizer overfill. An optional carbon monoxide alarm can also be connected.

    For more information on the new NCC199CDV Commercial Condensing Water Heater, visit:


  • Combi Boiler : NRCB
    The NRCB is the first and only combination boiler on the market that can simultaneously provide domestic and space heating for residential applications....

  • The NRCB is the first and only combination boiler on the market that can simultaneously provide domestic and space heating for residential applications. These simultaneous capabilities are easy to control and especially beneficial for applications that do not store or deliver heat energy efficiently. A user can, for example, take a shower without worrying about experiencing a corresponding drop in room temperature.

    Another industry first is the NRCB’s use of 316L austenite stainless steel for the primary and secondary heat exchangers, which have higher corrosion resistance than traditional heat exchangers for increased durability and lifespan. A third flat plate heat exchanger for domestic water heating is also made of stainless steel.
    It also far exceeds the toughest emissions standards. The unit’s fully modulating burner has a nitrogen-oxide emissions level of only 14 parts per million (ppm), far below the South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement of 20 ppm.

    With flow rates ranging from 9.8 gpm to 11.1 gpm, the NRCB provides nearly twice as much flow as competitor models. Furthermore, a flow control valve, not offered by competitors, ensures a consistent temperature for domestic hot water demand, regardless of incoming water temperature.

    Finally, unlike many other combination boilers, the NRCB has a built-in outdoor temperature reset control and is compatible with a recirculation loop without the need for accessory heat exchangers or controls.

    Homeowners will enjoy the improved comfort made possible by the unit’s simultaneous ability to heat domestic water and room space. No longer will the possibility exist of a shower impacting room temperature.

    They can also reap huge benefits from the NRCB’s 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). Its fuel-saving performance allows the NRCB to meet “Energy Star Most Efficient” standards, which represent the EPA’s highest efficiency rating. Higher efficiency translates to higher savings on monthly utility bills. Its efficiency has also earned the NRCB an Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certification, which qualifies homeowners for various state energy rebates.

  • Retrofit : EZ Series
    Designed expressly for the North American market, the EZ Series of tankless water heaters comes equipped with top-mounted, hot- and cold-water connections, a half-inch gas line input, Noritz EZ Series...

  • Easily and quickly replace virtually any size tank water heater with its corresponding EZ model.

    Replacing a 40-, 50- or 75-gallon, storage-tank water heater is never fun. Aside from draining the tank and carrying the heater out, you must also create new plumbing connections. All that additional piping often raises material costs and labor time. But now, if you’re replacing a tank unit with a tankless water heater, you can count on a faster, easier installation with the EZ Series from Noritz.

    Designed expressly for the North American market, the EZ Series of tankless water heaters comes equipped with top-mounted, hot- and cold-water connections, a half-inch gas line input, Noritz EZ Series - An Easy Replacementand has the option to use a flexible vent piping that can be fed directly through existing B vents. More on these key features in a bit.

    The EZ Series includes two available bundle packages, called the EZTR50 and EZTR75. These packages contain the EZ98 and EZ111 tankless water heaters, respectively, plus a flex vent conversion kit (25 feet of two-inch flex) and an isolation valve kit.

    The two new units join the EZTR40 to provide direct replacement options for 40-, 50-, and 75-gallon storage-tank water heaters. Now, no matter what size unit you must replace, the aforementioned features make it a seamless transition:

    • Top-mount water connections: Normally, tankless water connections are on the bottom of the unit, necessitating extra plumbing and labor. The EZ Series’ top-mounted connections allow the flexible water lines used by the previous tank heater to be quickly and easily reconnected to the new unit. Not only does this save time and money traditionally spent purchasing and running new plumbing around the unit, but the top-mounted connections also give the final application a cleaner look.
    • Multiple venting options: EZ units offer four different venting options. Besides outdoor installation in warmer climates, an installer can use dual- or single-pipe (made of PVC or CPVC), as well as two-inch Flex. The latter can be fed through the existing B-Vent — again saving time and new material costs.
    • Half-inch gas-line capability: EZ units may be able to use the same half-inch gas line as the tank units they are replacing. This time- and cost-saving option depends on incoming gas pressure and the distance of the water heater from the gas meter.

    The EZ Series will help installers modernize any existing home to provide clean, energy-efficient hot water on demand. Going tankless has never been easier.

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