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In Our New COVID World, It Is Now “Online Everything”.

What you need to know; How it has affected fuels; What to do before the heating season.

In the era of COVID, the consumer’s accelerated adoption of technology is unprecedented as we have all adapted our online behavior to meet our needs for products and services. It has impacted all industries, including the fuel industry in a big way. Homeowners, by the thousands, have sought out dealers that provided the e-commerce experience they get elsewhere… and they have switched dealers unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Experts agree that these changes in buying behavior are permanent. Now is the time to preapre your business before the next heating season. 

Register for our August 28 EEE webinar for a fact-based presentation on the dramatic changes in consumer buying behavior; how this behavior has impacted fuel dealers; and options for adapting your fuel business for the upcoming heating season. 

Brands: The Energy Engine e-commerce platform for fuels. Attend August 28 EEE webinar (register below) - In Our New COVID World, It Is Now “Online Everything”


Energy Engine - How It Works

 Show Specials

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversably altered customer behavior in every industry — ours is no exception. People are going online for everything, even more than they were before the pandemic, and the trend is not going to reverse. Despite this, many dealers don't know how to engage with customers online the right way. The good news is that can change. 

    In this webinar, we will be reviewing all the ways that the pandemic has shifted the customers' expectations for their fuel providers, and how dealers are already using proven e-commerce and online marketing methods to keep up with the changing tides. 

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  • The Energy Engine
    The Energy Engine is a web-based, full-function, white-labeled e-commerce platform designed to serve the industry-specific needs of heating oil, propane and commercial fuels companies....

  • The Energy Engine is a web-based, full-function, white-labeled e-commerce platform designed to serve the industry-specific needs of heating oil, propane and commercial fuels companies. It gives your customers the access and convenience they demand, while giving you the tools to more efficiently serve your customers at a lower cost and with greater delivery efficiency.

    Watch The Walkthrough Video Here!

    Made For Dealers
    All the industry-specific basic functionality you need as a fuel dealer. 

    • Product modules: Heating oil, propane and commercial fuels
    • Pricing options: quantity brackets, minimum delivery fees, thresholds and more.
    • Upsells: emergency deliveries, prime & start, leak check, additives, etc.
    • Delivery zones: as many as you need and zip code specific
    • Delivery timing: timed for each town based upon your rules
    • Tanks: fuel specific, location specific, first-delivery tank inspections, etc.
    • Multi-hub: Multiple locations? No problem.

    Give Customers What They Want
    Designed using e-commerce best practices, resulting in satisfied customers.

    • Customer registration and login
    • Customer “forgot password”, “forgot username” automated functionality
    • Account duplication checks: Limits number of account duplications
    • Online pricing: quantity discount savings
    • Online orders: fuels and upsells with onscreen and e-mail confirmation
    • Online payments: credit cards, debit cards and popular e-payment methods
    • Payment authorization: Required before order is generated
    • Delivery day: e-mail and text alerts
    • Delivery complete: e-mail confirmation with full financial reconciliation

    Order Management Functionality.
    The capabilities you need to manage your online orders from receipt to delivery.

    • New order portal: includes order alerts, if needed
    • Order manifesting: delivery scheduling and delivery posting
    • Automated “scheduled delivery” e-notifications
    • First delivery tank inspection alerts: If needed.
    • Fully automated credit card processing: Including automated credits.
    • PCI compliance: security is vital
    • On-screen, on-the-fly price changes
    • Manage content: Make your own text changes on your public web pages
    • Full on-screen and exportable report capability
    • Over 100 customizable business rules: It’s your business, using your rules.
    • Multi-user permission levels

    Automated Marketing to Grow Your Business.
    All built in… helps you to acquire, convert, nurture and retain customers using sophisticated, automated functionality.

    • Automated behavioral targeting: 38 behaviors
    • Automated referral program: referror and referee credits, Facebook Share
    • Affinity program: leverage non-profits, community groups and more
    • Social media linking: all popular platforms
    • E-list Gold: automated e-list capture is like gold
    • Promotional code engine: You control the magic
    • E-mail newsletter and e-blast integration
    • Basic SEO: It gets you started
    • Annual benchmarking and best practices: Exclusive for clients only!
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