Marshall,  MI 
United States

MEC is Innovation Made Simple

Headquarted in Marshall, Michigan, with a presence all over the world, Marshall Excelsior Company is a progressive manufacturer of top quality & competitively priced LPG and NH3 equipment. The 44-year-old company leads the industry in innovation and low emission products. Marshall Excelsior Company offers a full range of products that support the LPG and NH3 bulk plant, transport, delivery/dispensing and domestic applications. 

Brands: Excela-Flo Regulators, Excela-Flange, Accu-Max Float Gauges, Excelerator, Sentinel Dielectric Regulators


  • ME930AM-ME940AM Series
    Accu-Max 30 Degree Angle Mount Series Float Gauges...

  • Designed to measure liquid levels within horizontal DOT and Stationary ASME tanks with fluid capacities above 2,300 gallons.  For maximum gauge life, the float arm features an integral spring loaded shock absorber for harsh over-the-road applications.  The standard dial face features a black background for reduced glare with glow technology providing an easy to read “glow in the dark” dial face, perfect for low light situations.  An optional classical style dial face is available.  These gauges are suitable for use in bobtail, transport and bulk storage applications.
  • MEP999SPE-16
    Excela-Flange High Flow Extended Aux. Pump Discharge Tee Adapter...

  • Designed to allow for high flow liquid transfer from the pump auxiliary discharge on mobile transport applications.  The MEP999SPE-16 Series is available in WCC A216 Steel construction and features a high flow tee design with 2” – 4 bolt type “A” (O-ring Groove) Excela-Flange™ inlet/outlet connections. 

    All cast steel (WCC A216) construction for maximum durability, and reduced leak points
    Approved for use in LPG or NH3 service
    Rated 400 WOG
    For use with all Type B (ME842 / ME843 Series} companion flanges
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