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Varec, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, is considered the pioneer of inventory tank gauging instrumentation, and has been an innovative force for over 90 years. Today, Varec is a worldwide leader in fuels management systems for total asset visibility and control, supplying integrated hardware and software solutions to oil and gas, defense and aviation markets. The Varec FuelsManager suite of software applications has been a longtime standard of major oil companies and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as aviation tank farm operators and service providers. With its headquarters and manufacturing facility outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Varec also has offices in Virginia, Australia and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

 Press Releases

  • As a first time exhibitor at Eastern Energy Expo (EEE), Varec is excited to showcase its products and services to a new audience. Attendees will have the opportunity to view information on products as well as request appointments with sales engineers and sales managers to discuss capabilities and their needs in more detail.

    The two products listed in the EEE Product Showcase are both new offerings for Varec. The first is the 8810 Remote Terminal Unit, a modern and modular, Ethernet-ready communications device ideal for integration with tank gauges and other field devices used in inventory management applications.

    The other is a new version of FuelsManager, a suite of integrated software applications that track, manage, and control the receipt, storage, distribution, and delivery of fuel and related products. The new version includes robust enhancements to the inventory management and user-defined customizations/SCADA applications.

    In addition to those products, Varec also has a complete line of hardware devices across a variety of categories. The most popular product categories include:

    Varec will also feature its systems engineering and integration services. These services include customized solutions that integrate devices and HMI programs into critical systems that manage, monitor, or control emergency fuel shut off, leak detection, product movement, pump and valve switches, hydrant pumps, load racks, facility gate entry, and more.

    To schedule an appointment to learn more, or request a demonstration, please use the EEE portal.


  • 8810 Remote Terminal Unit
    The 8810 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a modular, Ethernet ready, communications device. Its powerful industrial chassis is ideal for integration with tank gauges and other field devices used in inventory management applications....

  • With the CPU module serving as the base functionality for the 8810 RTU, all logic and protocols are handled seamlessly, meaning there is only one firmware application for the entire unit.

    The standard, built-in OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) server communicates natively over standard internet protocols. This allows human machine interface (HMI) applications to read data from the 8810 RTU. It is also compatible with a wide range of systems, including legacy Varec systems, using RS-232 and RS-485 standards.

    8810 RTU Key Features:

    • Available add-on modules - Serial, Bi-Phase Mark, Digital I/O, Mark/Space and Tankway 
    • Ethernet ready, provides high-speed communications in near real time
    • Integrates with legacy tank gauging protocols
    • Industry standard OPC UA
    • Modbus for host or field integration
    • Supports both Modbus TCP and Modbus over TCP
    • Supports up to 400 tanks
    • Supports up to 24 communication channels
    • Digital input/output for alarms, monitoring, and control
    • Intelligent scanning based on tank activity
    • Includes the Vertue browser-based configuration application (VeRTUe)

    VeRTUe Key Features:

    • Standard with 8810 RTU for configuration
    • Intuitive browser-based user interface
    • Optimized for bulk liquid applications
    • Configure using any workstation on the network
    • Efficiency tools for common actions
    • Supports offline configuration
    • Pre-configured or customized diagnostics

    The 8810 RTU meets radiated and immunity as for the following: - United States (FCC), Canada (IECS) and Europe (CE and RoHS)

  • FuelsManager
    FuelsManager® is suite of integrated software applications that fuel logistics and supply chain management organizations use to track, manage and control the receipt, storage, distribution and delivery of fuel and related products....

  • FuelsManager® has been an industry leading solution for managing bulk liquids for over three decades. The latest release, version 10, provides terminal operators with a user-friendly, browser-based management tool that supports standard internet protocols and security. This new feature helps reduce the IT footprint and provides for a faster deployment of the software across the enterprise. In addition, FuelsManager v10 includes a powerful custom module editor that allows systems engineers to more easily customize standard tank calculations or create new types of data points to support a variety of automation needs.

    New Features in this Release

    Browser-Based Application

    • No client software to install
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Reduced IT footprint resulting in lowerimplementation costs
    • Faster deployment of future upgrades
    • Limited security configuration required
    • Supports kiosk mode view

    Enhanced Archiving and Trending
    • Support for up to 16 pens
    • Data archived to NoSQL/Cassandra data store
    • Data captured on change for faster collection in real time
    • Event based data collection for detailed analysis of process data
    • Alarm status included in trend data
    • Tabular view of archived data
    Enhanced SCADA Functionality
    • Enhanced and flexible drawing tool
    • Customizable animation for SCADA displays
    • Compatible with industry standard PLC, DCS and remote I/O manufacturers

    Custom Point Templates

    • Extended standard tank functionality
    • Template creation for non tank related functionality
    • Ability to modify standard templates
    • Module editor for logic configuration based on unique requirements
    Enhanced Point Groups
    • Alarm notification automatically displayed
    • Flexibility in configuration across operators
    • Fast configuration of static or dynamic point groups
    • Summarized values across point group variables
    OPC UA Integration
    • Built in communication to 8810 and 8130 RTU
    • Secure communications over standard internet/network protocols
    • Compatible with industry standard OPC UA servers, i.e. Kepware, Matrikon, etc.

    Other Features Included:
    • Tank Group • Tank Details • Alarm Management • Tank Transfer Management • Point Calculator • Tank Trends and Configuration • Gauge Commands/Status • Customized/Standard Inventory Reports • Configuration Data Imports/Exports • Audit Trail

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