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Westmor Industries manufactures a full line of equipment designed to store, transport, and dispense petroleum, propane, and other liquids and gases from Pipeline to Pump®, with aftermarket support including parts sales, product repair, and infrastructure installation and in-field services. From terminals right down to end-users, and at each point in between, Westmor offers a variety of solutions all from a single source.


Transtech HCT Fuel Truck - Fit & Finish
Transtech HCT Fuel Truck - Chassis, Tank, & Truck


  • Transtech™ Tank
    Choose from multiple Transtech™ Tank models and sizes ranging from 400 to 7,500 gallons. Transtech Tank’s unique design allows for an unforced fit-up, creating a longer-lasting tank....

  • Westmor's Transtech Tank Distributors

    Check out our Tank Models by Visiting our Product Pages:

    Full-Canopy Model (FCT)

    Half-Canopy Model (HCT)

    Full-Canopy with Jamaica Wrap (JCT)

    Half-Canopy with Nassau Wrap (NCT)

    Rear Bucket Box (RBT)

    Side Delivery (SDT)

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    Tank Benefits:

    • Extruded vapor tight overturn rail for maximum protection
    • Press brake formed head for precise fit-up
    • Offset baffle openings for reduced product surging
    • Meter pan cover with water tight doors
    • One inch double bulkheads allowing for a shorter truck and tighter turn radius

  • Proline™ Transport
    Westmor’s Proline™ Transport range from 5,600 to 20,950 US gallons. Custom sizes can be engineered to suit your operation. With customized trailer weights and balances, you’ll maximize load potential and reduce costs....

  • Visit our product pages:

    Standard Model

    Lightweight Model

    NEW! Metered Transport

    Transport Benefits:

    • Our quality engineering reduces premature wear and failures.
    • In-house manufacturing ensures on-time delivery with short lead times.
    • Nationwide truck delivery is available for your convenience.


    • Custom-balanced trailer weights
    • Multiple axle configurations
    • Stainless steel sub frames
    • LED lighting
    • Custom finish with company branding
    • Aluminum fenders
    • 250-265 PSI vessels
    • Lightweight aluminum baffles
    • Anti-lock brake system
    • Air-ride suspensions
    • Brake interlock
    • A-train/B-train configurations


    • Lightweight (LT) model
    • Metered Proline™ ST Transport
    • Lift axle
    • Elevated rear lights
    • Poly or stainless steel fenders
    • Hose troughs
    • Revolver™ kingpin plate
    • Work lights
    • Clear lighting lenses
    • Custom paint
    • Rock guard coating
    • Super singles
    • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Blueline® Bobtail
    The Blueline® Bobtail is one of the safest, most versatile, and reliable propane delivery trucks in the market. Our on-site manufacturing and fabrication facilities allow for full customization so your truck fits your exact needs.

  • For more information on Westmor's full line of bobtails. Chekc out our product pages:

    All Bobtail Models

    Base Model (BX)

    Lightweight Model (QX)

    High-Volume Delivery Model (HX)

    Maneuverability Model (MX)


    • Tanks are manufactured and upfitted in-house
    • Stainless steel open deck and fenders
    • Welded/flanged liquid piping
    • Bolt-on fenders allow you to easily replace if damaged
    • Centrally-located, plug-and-play electrical center
    • Heavy duty meter box protects your meter from the elements
    • LED lighting makes your bobtail more visible on the road
    • Radio remote control systems to improve safety and productivity

    NEW! Options:

    Ergoload® Deck - For ergonomic loading

    Mid-Delivery - Deliver propane from behind the cab and off either side of your truck

    LP3 & LP4 - Pick up a cylinder route, fleet fueling and delivery to residential and commercial customers with one bobtail

    Flex Fill System - Choose one of four pre-configured systems with flow rates up to 90% faster than standard deliveries

  • Propane Terminals
    Modify, upgrade, or construct a new propane or Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) terminal. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the right layout and/or modifications to meet your operational goals. Our services are fully customizable to your needs....

  • NEW! Products - LP Metering Skid

    Watch this video to learn how you can load a transport 3X faster!


    Visit our LP Terminal Virtual Booth



    LP Terminal Flyover Video


    LP Terminal Capabilities:

    Storage Tanks

    Pumps & Meters


    Modifications & Upgrades

    Integrate new equipment into your existing propane or other Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) terminal and exponentially increase flow rates, throughput, capacity, storage and/or production. Let our team of experts evaluate your operation and determine the right modifications for you.

    Westmor will quote the upgrades and review recommendations with you to help you understand what you need for your operation. Our services are fully customizable and are based on your individual needs.


    Best of all, Westmor manufactures truck loading skids, rail arms, compressor and pump skids and has the expertise with piping modifications for loading and offloading, so you can rest assured knowing you’re working with a knowledgeable team.


    Common Modifications & Upgrades:

    • Storage

    • Piping

    • Electrical

    • Pump swap-out

    • Gas compressors

    • Rail loading/offloading

    • Rail loading arms

    • Truck loading/offloading skids and bulkheads

    • High-flow metering skid


    Other Services & Capabilities:

    • Plot plans & Layouts

    • Stand-by systems

    • Storage to load/offload racks

    • Pressure vessel storage systems

    • Accuload electronic registers

    • Pipe welding

    • Mechanical and electrical repairs

    • Metering and pumps

    • Proving and calibration

    New Construction

    If you’re needing a newly constructed terminal, consult the custody transfer experts at Westmor. We can help you design and construct everything from terminal layout to loadout.

    We have in-house experts with hundreds of years of combined experience ready to set up your facilities to fill your terminal by rail and offload product into trucks. 

    Let us know what you are working on and we’ll let you know how we can help. Accurate quotes with firm timelines are important, and we’ll ensure timely execution and a lifetime of service and support.

  • Refined Fuel Terminals
    Increase flow rates, throughput, capacity, storage, or production by upgrading your existing refined fuel terminal. We’ll work with you to understand your operational goals and make recommendations for improvements....


    How we can help:
    • Plot plans

    • Layouts

    • Pipe welding

    • Pump swap-out

    • Mechanical repairs

    • Electrical repairs

    • Standby systems

    • Proving and calibration

    What we can provide:
    • Storage to load racks

    • Skids (blending & additive injection)

    • Additive injection tubing

    • Metering

    • Pumps

    • Turnkey systems

    Learn more about:

    Truck Loading

    Proving & Calibration

    Service & Repair


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