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As a pioneer and global leader in water pump technology, Grundfos creates intelligent, sustainable solutions to help solve the world’s water and climate challenges. Through our heritage, we have the experience and innovative capabilities to help our partners, customers and communities move water in an increasingly energy and water efficient manner. We see this as not only a great business opportunity, but as an obligation to ensure the world heads toward a more sustainable tomorrow. Our complete portfolio of pumps and solutions are designed for commercial, residential, groundwater, municipal and industrial applications with emphasis in trendsetting, energy efficient technologies such as permanent magnet motors and advanced pump controls and monitoring. Because water matters, and so does your business. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Grundfos ALPHA2 High-Efficiency Circulator

 Press Releases

  • Grundfos is pleased to announce the expansion of the medium-sized, energy-efficient ALPHA circulator line with the new variable speed ALPHA1 26-99, featuring high-efficiency permanent magnet (ECM) motor and integrated frequency converter.

    The Alpha1 26-99 features analog speed control through a 0-10v input signal allowing for precise performance control and easy boiler-system and building management integration. The Alpha1 26-99 also features an alarm output signal included in the factory-installed input/output cable.

    Key features and benefits of ALPHA1 26-99 include:

    • 0-10v Analog Input for Speed Control
    • Alarm output signal
    • Magnetite resistant design with stainless-steel bearing plate, robust ceramic shaft and ceramic bearing rings
    • Integrated Check Valve
    • High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor (ECM)

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  • ALPHA2 - High-Efficiency Circulator Pump
    Grundfos ALPHA2 is versatile and efficient whether you use one of its seven speed or pressure control settings or simply leave it on the ground breaking factory AUTOADAPT™ mode. The ALPHA2's ECM motor technology can replace over 30 competitor pump models....

  • The ALPHA2 with its ECM motor design reduces energy consumption by 50%, and in AUTOADAPT mode, will automatically analyze
    the heating system, find the optimum setting, continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand, and reduce power consumption by up to 85% ensuring
    the lowest possible energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

    ALPHA2 Key Features and Benefits:

    • Simple push button control enables the ALPHA2 to be programmed in one of 3-constant speed, 3-constant pressure, or AUTOADAPT control modes. The current operating mode is always visible on the ALPHA2’s LED display
    • The large LED display shows the current energy consumption in Watts and estimated flow in gallons per minute
    • For installation, you have the flexibility to use either our unique ALPHA Plug with line cord or the ALPHA2 with terminal box for conduit connections
    • ALPHA2 is complete with an integrated check-valve, foam insulation jacket for CI only, and nut captures for flanges. ALPHA2 comes in both cast iron and stainless steel models
    • Robust startup enables the ALPHA2 to continuously attempt to restart – indefinitely – in blocked rotor conditions
    • ALPHA2 can be used as a replacement for more than 30 competitor pump models

    ALPHA2 Applications: Heating and cooling, Hot water recirculation

  • ALPHA2 26-99 - Medium-Sized Efficient Circulator
    The Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99 is a medium sized, energy efficiency circulator fitted with a permanent magnet motor (ECM) and frequency converter....

  • The ALPHA2 26-99 features eight different operating modes including constant pressure AUTOADAPT and proportional pressure
    AUTOADAPT, the ALPHA2 26-99 is the perfect fit for any heating application.

    ALPHA2 26-99 Key Features and Benefits:

    • 8 intelligent control modes:
    - Three defined proportional pressure curve settings
    - Three defined constant pressure curve settings
    - Constant pressure AUTOADAPT
    - Proportional pressure AUTOADAPT
    • Magnetite resistant design protects the pump from harmful iron oxide found in heating systems
    • High efficiency pump design and controls reduce energy consumption by up to 85%
    • 360 [mNm] starting torque clears pump of system debris and sediment
    • Designed with trusted ECM technology which has been used by Grundfos for more than 16 years
    • System and pump protection warning and alarm indicators
    • LED light indicators for pump settings and alarms
    • Easy to use push button control settings
    • Designed using 65+ years of hydronic heating experience

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