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Software for Fuel Delivery & HVAC Service

For over 35 years we have been making affordable yet powerful full-featured back-office software specifically for fuel marketers.  With over 850 installations under our belt you could say we are very familiar with the nuances and inner workings of your industry. 

Our customers range from single truck owner-operator startups to a dealer running a fleet of 45 trucks from offices in multiple locations.  We have supported several clients for over 30 years!  Obviously the software has evolved tremendously over that time frame and today you’ll find it to be a flexible and easy to use modern system with built-in interfaces to all the popular truck automation, tank monitoring and card lock systems.

Whenever I visit the main office of our busiest client, without fail I am humbled when I see our software filling up the computer screens on the desks of over 20 busy CSRs and dispatchers, and am immensely proud of the great system our small team has built.

But it doesn’t just end with great software.  When you need support, you can depend on us for friendly assistance.  Heck we even answer the phone and are usually able to help you out on the spot.

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  • DRM Customer Care Portal
    The DRM Customer Care Portal is a cloud-based service. It is a secure website that allows your customers and staff to access up-to-date account information....

  • Your customers have the ability to:

    • View their account(s) online. You control what information they see. Select from Fuel Delivery history, Transaction History, Service History, Equipment, Statements.
    • Print a statement or a specific invoice. Encourage paperless billing and save on mailing costs.
    • Make secure payments online. The customer no longer has to divulge their sensitive card or bank information to your office and has the flexibility to make payments when your office is closed. The payments get automatically posted to their DRM account next day, freeing up your staff.
    • Be informed of activity. Customers will automatically receive an email after you post a delivery invoice or upload a new statement.
    • Place an order online. The office is notified about new orders and can review them within DRM. Upon approval they turn into tickets and the customer is automatically notified of the pending delivery.
    • Be informed of your services. Every time someone logs in, the first thing they see is your current promotion. It is easy for you to add marketing content to promote budget plans, service contracts, etc.

    You and your staff have the ability to:

    • Log In Remotely. Log in from any internet enabled device (home PC or laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.)
    • Account Lookup. Look up any customer’s account information. If the customer is requesting after-hours service, you can quickly confirm that the account is in good-standing or on automatic delivery. If the customer has no heat, your on-call technician can review recent service calls and access equipment details.
    • Send an Email Blast! Send an announcement or offer a coupon by email to a select group of your accounts regardless of whether they use the portal. All you need is their email address. Of course they can choose to opt out of subsequent blasts if they are not interested in the material you are sending.

  • DRM Windows
    Our flagship product “DRM-Windows” is a comprehensive modern back-office software system designed specifically for the Fuel and Service industry....

  • From partnering with over 850 dealers we very much understand the unique challenges specific to your industry and we provide you with the flexible tools you need to run your business efficiently and continue to adapt to this ever-changing business environment. Our features include:

    Versatile Accounts Receivable

    • Paper or Email Billing preferences
    • Manage Budget, Pre-Buy and Fuel-Assistance
    • Contract and Off-Contract Pricing
    • Fixed/Capped Price Plans, Cost-Plus, Retail-Minus, Market Pricing, Volume Pricing
    • Credit Hold, Collections, Credit Rating
    • Built-in PCI compliant credit card processing
    • Automatically process recurring payments or invoices

    Liquid Inventory for Bulk Storage and Trucks

    Schedule Service Work from our Appointment Calendar

    Parts Inventory and Pricing

    Propane Tank Inventory and Asset Management.

    • Keep track of your asset locations and keep up with scheduled maintenance on tanks and regulators.

    Scheduling and Dispatching

    • Schedule by Degree Days, K-factor, Gals/day, Calendar days or Julian days
    • Seamless interface with popular Tank Monitors and delivery forecasts are automatically adjusted
    • Optimize Delivery Routes
    • Integrates with popular Truck Automation systems

    Knowledge is Power!

    • Our powerful yet intuitive Reporting allows you to slice and dice your data in every which way 


    • Print Letters, Labels, Post-cards or send an Email Blast to a target group of customers
    • Seamless integration with our renowned Customer Care Portal
      • Your customers can order fuel, pay their bills or request service 24 hours/day
      • Your staff can access current customer data when out of the office from any internet-enabled device


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