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Blue Cow Software specializes in a suite of software solutions designed for the fuel oil and propane industries, servicing customers across the United States and Canada. The company was rated as the top industry software to help propane marketers run their business, according to the Gray, Gray & Gray’s 2019 Energy Industry Survey.  For more information about Blue Cow Software and our Ignite Suite of products, please visit us at

Brands: Our full Suite of Software solutions consist of: Ignite Enterprise, Ignite Mobile, Ignite Web, Ignite Phone App., Ignite Analytics and Ignite Imaging. Please contact us to learn more.

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  • Ignite Enterprise
    Blue Cow’s Ignite® Enterprise is the most powerful management software in the fuel oil and propane industry....

  • Blue Cow’s Ignite® Enterprise is the most powerful management software in the fuel oil and propane industry. Fuel retailers both large and small are stepping up to Ignite® to put all of their management tools in a single, totally accessible, exceptionally usable energy software suite. Everything from mobile delivery routing to customer relationship management (CRM), to back-office accounting, can be wrapped into Ignite® Enterprise.
  • Additional Ignite Products
    We are more than just a back-office software solution. Blue Cow Software has become the One-Stop-Shop software eco-system to maximize efficiencies for your whole operation....

  • Ignite Mobile: Make sure your delivery drivers and service technicians are in-touch, on-time, and up-to-date with Ignite® Mobile. By maintaining real-time communications with personnel in the field, you’ll be able to better manage your team and they can better serve your customers.

    Ignite Web: Ignite® Web is an extension of your company’s website that allows your customers and your staff to access customer information from any location, at any time. The convenience and user-friendly interface of Ignite® Web lets you actively market to customers and prospects.

    Ignite Phone App: The Ignite® Phone App allows your customers to access account information, order fuel, and make payments through their smartphone or tablet instead of using a website. Native to both iOS and Android, customers can easily do business with your company from anywhere with the best experience possible, all from your very own personalized app.

    Ignite Analytics: Ignite® Analytics gives you the ability to make better-informed decisions for your fuel oil or propane business based on real-time data and trends. Using the best practices of business intelligence, Ignite® Analytics gathers, sorts, and presents information in well-organized and easily usable ways that can be saved, shared, and restructured as necessary. Ignite® Analytics is the software tool you need to stay one-step ahead when it comes to managing your fuel oil and propane business.

    Ignite Routing: Why pay to put more trucks on the road when Ignite® Routing can maximize the efficiency and value of your existing fleet? Ignite® Routing helps your dispatchers meet the challenges of loading and delivering the right fuel, to the right customer in the most efficient manner, saving you time and money in the process.

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